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Design Indaba 2015: trend is dead, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort has declared, describing the vogue industry as “a ridiculous and pathetic parody of what it has been” (+ interview).

Edelkoort, one particular of the world’s most influential style forecasters, employed her annual presentation at Design Indaba in Cape Town to fire a broadside at the market. She told Dezeen: “This is the finish of fashion as we know it.”

Edelkoort mentioned her curiosity in style had now been replaced by an interest in outfits, given that vogue has lost touch with what is going on in the globe and what individuals want.

“Vogue is insular and is putting itself outside society, which is a really unsafe phase,” she said in an interview with Dezeen right after her presentation.

Edelkoort listed a amount of reasons for the crisis in trend, commencing with education, where youthful designers are taught to emulate the renowned names. “We even now educate our younger individuals to become catwalk designers distinctive people,” she explained, “whereas this society is now about exchange and the new economic system and doing work with each other in teams and groups.”

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Other issues affecting the business contain a loss of competence in textile layout, the failure to handle sweatshop problems at clothes factories and the cosy relationships amongst trend houses and magazines and bloggers, which ties editorial coverage to advertising budgets.

A new army of fashion bloggers who are dependent on inducements from the industry means that intelligent critique has been replaced by shallow coverage by what Edelkoort called “the ‘like’ generation”.

“The new brands will by no means get editorial in the magazines due to the fact they don’t purchase promoting,” she stated.

“And then marketing and advertising of program killed the whole thing,” she added. “It is governed by greed and not by vision. There’s no innovation any a lot more because of that.”

In Cape Town, Edelkoort replaced the second half of her usual two-element visual presentation with a reading of a lengthy essay entitled Anti_Fashion, listing and expanding on the factors for fashion’s demise. She started by saying: “For me this is not effortless because I enjoy trend. The loss of style is painful and I am a bit nostalgic.”

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Born in the Netherlands in 1950 and based mostly in Paris, Edelkoort advises style firms and client brand names around the globe. In 2003, Time magazine named her a single of the 25 most influential people in vogue. She was director of Design Academy Eindhoven from 1998 to 2008.

Right here is a transcript of Dezeen’s interview with Edelkoort:

Marcus Fairs: You’re saying that vogue is dead. What do you suggest?

Li Edelkoort: It isn’t going to exist any more. This is the end of a technique known as style and we will have to invent new tips. For now I consider we are going to concentrate on garments celebrate outfits. As a outcome we will see couture coming back, [versus creation] and in truth it’s a kind of relief due to the fact several folks are contemplating it.

Marcus Fairs: It’s the death of vogue as we know it?

Li Edelkoort: Yes it is. This is the end of fashion as we know it. Trend with a large F is no longer there. And perhaps it truly is not a dilemma maybe it really is actually a excellent minute to rethink. Actually the comeback of couture, which I am predicting, could deliver us a host of new ideas of how to handle the thought of clothes.

And maybe from these ashes an additional technique will be born. And for now, when men and women see a nice table or a great plate, they say, “Ah, how style!” So trend has become a way to say “great”. And it’s no longer addressing garments.

Marcus Fairs: What are the factors for that?

Li Edelkoort: It begins with training, where we nevertheless educate our young men and women to become catwalk designers unique individuals, whereas this society is now about exchange and the new economic climate and operating together in teams and groups, which occurs in every single other discipline, however not in fashion.

Vogue training need to be, amongst other issues, the industrial style of style trend as hugely industrial layout. It truly is meant to be serial, meant to be all the very same proud to be all the same. Men and women like to be the exact same simply because you like to be part of a tribe and then your hair, your tattoo is going to say who you are and no longer your clothes.

Style is insular and is placing itself outdoors society, which is a quite harmful phase. So the education demands to be reviewed.

Then there is a problem with textile men and women never know anything at all any a lot more about textiles. Providing textiles becomes impossible. So we are speaking right here of endangered species.

Then there is the generating of, which is carried out in countries the place men and women are killed for making our garments.

Then the designers themselves are all proclaiming that they are no longer doing fashion but are undertaking outfits, garments, clothes. So everyone for many factors is concentrating on clothing.

And then marketing and advertising of course killed the complete thing. It is governed by greed and not by vision. There’s no innovation any much more since of that.

Fashion demonstrates are becoming ridiculous 12 minutes lengthy. 45 minutes driving, 25 minutes waiting. No person watches them any far more. The editors are just on their phones no person gets carried away by it.

Marcus Fairs: So is style dead or has it just grow to be a ridiculous parody of itself?

Li Edelkoort: It really is a ridiculous and pathetic parody of what it has been. I know because I have witnessed trend shows of Thierry Mugler which would have 65, 75 designs for 3 quarters of an hour. We would be on our chairs, shouting with tears in our eyes and the whole place would go crazy. Examine Thierry Mugler’s outdated style shows on the web. You see the variation. It moved us. It’s not like kind of trend Television, back and forth.

Marcus Fairs: You said in your speak that vogue utilised to predict the long term but isn’t going to now. Has it misplaced touch with what is going on in society?

Li Edelkoort: Completely. Whereas clothing are in touch. They know they require to be printed T-shirts they know they require to be great new shirts they know that they want to be short to be casual. So the garments no, but style isn’t going to appear to be in touch any a lot more.

Marcus Fairs: You speak about the return of couture. You indicate expensive handmade outfits for the wealthy?

Li Edelkoort: Yeah, but they will influence all other creations and we may see the comeback of the offering of patterns of material to retailers. So we would make authorised copies of couture. So you would make an authorised Dior copy in an African material.



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