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The colors are the emotions of our residence. Dependent on the colors that we use we transmit sensations or other people. That is why it is so essential to pay out shut interest in the paintings that we select to decorate the walls of the House, because, in some ways, this election will be directly related to the effectively-getting of individuals who reside in the Residence.

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Know the feelings that transmit each colour

The colors of the numerous units are generally distinct. If we want to get to, for illustration, Hall convey a feeling much more relaxed, cozy, we could use brown tones or soft yellow. On the other hand, if our aim is to get a feeling of cold, as it could be in an office or a kitchen, we advise staying in shades of blue or white paint.
Clever use of lighting

The House colors can improve a lot if we use intelligently the Home lighting. With the use of lamps, bulbs or even all-natural light provided by the windows, we can get contrasting colors of the House promoting, in an equitable manner, our State of thoughts and feelings that transmits each and every colour that we have selected to paint the House.


Colour moods

Then we will get a search at States of thoughts that offers each colour. In this way, the side we can see every little thing that has been explained throughout the report. The use of paintings or other has an effect on the emotions we have in the different rooms of the Home. Dependent on the intensity and hue, although in the case of one shade, such as for instance red, the feelings can be really diverse. In truth, if you search at any estate or wandering the streets of any city, we can see that walls or inside the residence keys are diverse.

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Let’s don’t forget the simple principles of the feelings that transmit the colors:

Red: Privacy, daring, warm, comforting shade.
Rose: Fun, cheerful, optimistic.
Yellow: Friendly, cheerful, warm.
Orange: Stimulates creativity, as the yellow, warm and pleasant.
Blue: It conveys a feeling of peace, cold, reflective.
Green: Nature, alive, a feeling of calm, cold tonality.

The colors that you use usually will have properties which have been cited above. In addition, all colours can be empowered by contrasting them with the colors of the rest of the Residence or with the use of lighting at very distinct points of the stay.

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Power the sensations of colors

The contrast in between the other walls of the area can trigger the improve of the feelings we have in that surroundings. To paint 1 wall a distinct color, we can get the sensations will be enhanced to our interest.

The use of dark colors on one particular of the walls gives a feeling of spaciousness, because we develop a visual result of depth. If we use light colours, we can get to maintain the brightness of the space, even we can get to illuminate more darkened parts of the remain. Making use of a shade more powerful than the rest of the space, we get a more dynamic sense of space, generally accompanied by neutral as white or gray colours. Finally, paint of a comparable shade, it will mark a subtle result comparable to the prior, but far more sophisticated exhibiting a less marked contrast.

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