Argentinian studio It Met utilized corrugated plastic and sheets of wood to partition the workspaces of this promoting company in Buenos Aires.

Circus BA by It Met Estudio

Positioned inside a three-storey developing that has open-prepare floors, the room is the headquarters of international design and advertising company Circus, which also has offices in Madrid, Mexico and Los Angeles.

Circus BA by It Met Estudio

The It Met group wanted to adapt the building to better suit the nature of the organization, and made the decision to create versatile spaces via the use of translucent, opaque and soundproof panels.

Circus BA by It Met Estudio

“We wished to create a system that responds to distinct space demands,” architect Maxi Ciovich advised Dezeen. “We believe in the idea of modular architecture that takes shape through the union of distinct components.”

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Ten types of panel in diverse materials and coatings were utilised to designate meeting rooms, desk spaces and recreational areas. Guatambu –  a yellow-toned maple-like wood – was used to type the structural frame amongst each and every enclosure.

Circus BA by It Met Estudio

“There are 10 various kinds of panels, and all of them have been developed below the identical idea,” stated Ciovich. “There is a rack created from Guatambu wood that provides the panel its structural integrity, and different coatings define the panel’s use.”

The soundproof panels have been arranged to form quiet meeting rooms, while the other areas are designed to be multi-practical.

Circus BA by It Met Estudio

The studio created pieces of self-assembly furniture to compliment the partitions through comparable use of components. These included laminate-topped desks with metal trestle legs and deckchair-like wooden seats.

Circus BA by It Met Estudio

“We are are an architecture and design studio, so the furniture pieces that we create are often directed to solve or to complement our architecture spaces,” mentioned Ciovich. “In this case, we developed a set of furniture that relates to the architecture task by utilizing the identical supplies and assembly notion. Each and every piece is a do-it-yourself assembly piece of furniture.”

Circus BA by It Met Estudio

Architects are more and more developing unconventional offices spaces, such as KAMP Arhitektid’s angular wooden volume within a former factory in Estonia, and a trio of boxy timber meeting spaces that can be exited down a pale blue slide within a Parisian workplace block.

Circus BA by It Met Estudio

Other lately-completed projects in Buenos Aires consist of a cafe with wooden swings instead of seats, and a pair of houses with a robust concrete facade designed to safeguard them from noise.

Photography is by Javier Agustín Rojas.

Circus BA by It Met EstudioGround floor strategy – click for bigger image Circus BA by It Met EstudioInitial floor strategy – click for greater picture Circus BA by It Met Estudio2nd floor program – click for greater picture

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