Paris firm BVAU has built an extension to the headquarters of a French social protection company, featuring a glass facade that opens and closes automatically in response to the climate (+ slideshow).

Office building by BVAU

The building extends the present headquarters of Caisse des Français de l’Etranger, which provides social safety for French citizens abroad, and it is positioned in a suburb to the south of Paris.

Office building by BVAU

BVAU co-founders Jérôme Villemard and Eric Bartolo designed the bioclimatic skin to naturally light and ventilate the creating, but also to give it a “welcoming and pleasant” appearance.

Office building by BVAU

Thermal sensors control panels in the facade, allowing them to open or close based on the climate.

Other latest examples of this innovation consist of a palaeontology centre in Barcelona, a glazed sports activities centre in Paris a residence with perforated shutters in Linz.

Office building by BVAU

“We made the decision to experiment how architecture could fix its thermic management,” Villemard advised Dezeen.

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“Ecology is a really good pretext to rethink what can make architecture basic and beneficial,” he added. “The skin is a fundamental architectural element of the creating, generating an interior climate, and establishing the interface amongst inside and outdoors.”

Office building by BVAU

Within, office floors are arranged around a big central atrium, which assists to draw light into the building. Some are concealed by ribbed wooden panelling, although others feature floor-to-ceiling windows.

Office building by BVAU

Elevated footbridges connect both offices and boardrooms to the organisation’s existing 3-storey building.

“The client was really exact about quantities: how a lot of folks functioning, how a lot of rooms to include, how several meeting rooms, square metres and spending budget,” said Villemard.

Office building by BVAU

“On leading of that really exact demand, we made a decision to function specifically on the attributes in order to organise the programme into two varieties of spaces: collective spaces, transparent with each other and individuals doing work spaces with more intimacy,” he added.

Office building by BVAU

A concrete vehicle park and gravelled plant beds type the base of the constructing, intended to create a “surprising and minimalist landscape”.

Office building by BVAU

“Elements of the projects are dealt with equal attention: an workplace building and an outdoor vehicle park, forming a facility with the current constructing,” explained the architect.

Photography is by Clément Guillaume.

Project credits:

Venture management: BVAU (Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme)
Consumer: Caisse des Français de l’Étranger
Engineers: 3A Architectes Associés, TN + Paysagistes, RFR, RFR component, Avel acous- tique, BETOM (TCE)

Office building by BVAUDiagram – click for bigger image Office building by BVAUGround floor strategy – click for bigger picture Office building by BVAU1st floor prepare – click for greater picture Office building by BVAU2nd floor prepare – click for greater picture Office-Building_Social-Security_Grand-Paris-France_BVAU_dezeen_6_Third floor strategy – click for more substantial image Office building by BVAUArea – click for more substantial image

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