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In this article we would like to introduce 1 of the two Syros holiday houses, namely the Syros II. The Home with white stone facade is together with Syros I on an island of the Cyclades in Greece on a plot of 400 square meters, exactly where the layout is taken from block722. Because the Villa was constructed into the rock, it completely adapts to the all-natural atmosphere and hardly noticeable. In turn, the higher spot gives a breathtaking see over the sea. And that was also the major goal with this style.

House with white stone facade and decorative courtyard entrance arch

The Villa Syros II was exclusively made for a family of four. The House with white stone facade consists of a residing area, which homes also the kitchen and the dining space, and has an open design. In addition also a bedroom with bathroom. Front of the Property, also opened a spacious terrace with swimming pool and lounge spot. The facade consists of beautiful, uncut stones. The Home can be accessed by an external staircase.

House with white and stone façade Iceland Cyclades Greece sea

The modern day interior design and style has a seaside design environment. The blue and white, and basket accents contribute to this. Also the bath grey concrete, which has not only an elegant form and a rustic search, but is embedded in the floor is particularly remarkable. With such a Residence with white stone is facade not as guaranteed, you will discover the holiday really total rest?

Stone façade design White House bathroom window concrete tub wall

Stone façade infinity pool design White House night panoramic sea

Stone facade wall he House lounge deckchairs plan terrace tiles

Stone facade wall he House pool infinity flagstones planter sea

Stone façade White House bathroom switch bathtub inlaid bath mat

Stone façade White House kitchen island sink Driftwood barstool skylights

Stone façade White House seating area patio Jacuzzi gray concrete

Stone façade White House terrace beanbags pool design switch

Stone façade White House wooden floor rooftop sunset
House with white and stone exterior ground plan design landscape project

House with white and stone exterior sideview flat pool projectHouse with white stone facade and floorplan page syros greek country II

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