I&#8217m hosting a sale with a single of my favorite on the web shops, Joss &amp Principal. One particular of the reasons I like them is that they have super fast shipping, and I&#8217m impatient. I&#8217d just enjoy for you to come hang out and look around

I&#8217d love for you to do that. But this sale is just a tool. Like Pinterest. It&#8217s there for our inspiration but we are the ones who can abuse it. And I don&#8217t want anybody going into debt to buy some thing for their house and I don&#8217t want any person feeling significantly less than if they can&#8217t buy one thing for their residence. Pretty items are just that&#8211pretty.

The truth is, it is genuinely not about the stuff at all, even when creating a home. Specially when creating a home.


So come hang out, check out my sale, pin, acquire, roll your eyes, be inspired, but don’t forget the genuine items that truly make a residence&#8230


If I want my residence to be a location of connection, I’ll ask genuine concerns and get to know the men and women in my residence.

If I want my property to be a secure spot to make a mistake, I’ll reduced my requirements for myself initial, be forgiving of my personal mistakes, laugh at myself–and enable other people to see that.

If I want my house to be inspiring, I’ll pay attention to what inspires me.

If I want my residence to be genuine, I’ll learn to embrace the imperfect, find the beauty in the undone, the broken, the unkempt, the everydayness and the mess.

If I want my property to be comfy, I’ll initial cease apologizing and focus on other folks rather of myself.

If I want my house to be a spot of rest, I’ll take into account my attitude and the tone I set when I am home. I’ll enable and program for restful spaces.

fight for


Anybody can put quite stuff in a area.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with lovely items.

It takes intention to furnish a home with grace and rest and acceptance. I’m up for the challenge. I want to see past the worst and concentrate on the greater. I want to search for the real beauty just waiting to be recognized. I want to make a residence on purpose — with goal.

I’m creating home a safe, inspiring and life-providing spot so we can go out and be what who we were designed to be.

The Joneses do not require to be kept up with — and secretly, they are tired of setting the mythical common.

Our close friends and family don&#8217t show up so that they can be impressed.

Homes are there to serve folks, not the other way around.

May possibly your house serve you and other folks so fully that it is worn thin and lovely in all the correct locations this Christmas season.

And if, IF you need to have some inspiration for quite things in your house, perhaps start right here


Nesting Place


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