I’m so thrilled to introduce you to my small pals, Ranarp and Hektar! These would be lamps. IKEA has a way with the names. Anyway, I have a thing with lighting. It’s my jam. It’s the tiny detail that I fall in really like with when I pour by way of magazines or blogs. Exclusively, minor accent lighting.

When the Bub and I took a last minute trip to Cincinnati one particular Saturday a number of weeks in the past, these have been on my list. Effectively, actually, one more lamp was on my list but IKEA has gone to LED lights only so they did not carry the 1 I needed any longer. I was hoping to do two of the 1 I showed you right here on the shelves in our kitchen.

Given that they no longer sell these I had to find yet another choice. I commenced to go with the LED version but by the time you get all their connectors, the excellent IKEA rates are not so excellent anymore. It was going to value \$100 for two little lights!

So we stored looking and I’m glad we did! I’ve witnessed this guy (that would be Ranarp, hello) right here and there on the Internets and have loved the seem. He’s a little industrial, but with a traditional vibe that goes in a much more conventional setting too. He was ideal:

Ranarp clamp lamp

Don’t you adore the black and white cord? Information I love.&#160

This spot has been a black hole in our kitchen and I’ve been wanting to add just a small bit of light to it for months. Ranarp fits just appropriate. It comes with a bracket so you can hang it on the wall as well, but I just clamped it on the best shelf of the bookcase. You can tighten it so it stays place.

It appears great and it performs fantastic as well – this is the 1 light I turn on each and every evening without fail:

metal bookshelves with light

I did some finagling to make the cord disappear cause you know how they make me itch. I’ll paint individuals cord covers gray quickly – it just hasn’t been a priority yet:

Ranarp wall light

The rest of the cord, as cute as it is, is in a cord cover that goes down the back of the bookshelf:

lighting on bookshelves

It functions like a charm! Now I want I would have gotten two more of these lamps to put in the Bub’s bedroom – up coming trip for positive.

I grabbed a couple of the Hektar lamps as well, for a spot in loft eventually. But I identified an area that was needing some light alternatively:

Hektar lamp IKEA

We had a bunch of recessed lights additional to the family members area when we knocked down the wall, but I wish we would have pushed them back just a bit more down on this end of the area. It can get a little dark down there.

It even now essential a tiny bit of task lighting and this lamp is ideal!:

Small task lighting for wall

I hid the cord along the side of the board and batten and you don’t even observe it. And yes, I’m planning on painting the switch white, but once more, haven’t gotten to it just however.

This one pivots and turns and can be adjusted any way that you want:

Hektar wall lamp

I think these tiny accents are what add some character to your residence with out breaking the financial institution. I Really like you Hektar and Ranarp!:

Spool chair

They are both listed at \$20 each online, but 1 of them (I believe the white one particular) was only \$15 in the retailer.

The only discomfort about these lamps is the light bulbs…argh!!! If you get them at IKEA really don’t forget the light bulbs. I absolutely spaced it on that and left without having them, and I know greater by now. Some IKEA lights get quite specific bulbs. The dilemma is, they are supposed to take LED which is crazy costly. I’m not a massive LED light fan — it’s so white and vivid and they expense a ton. I located the bulb for the Ranarp lamp at Lowe’s but it value more than the lamp! I imply, it will last us some thing like 20 many years, granted. But still…that’s a hard pill to swallow.

I nevertheless can not find the LED bulb for the darker one, the Hektar, so I picked up a 25 watt flood light bulb and it functions wonderful. Because the wattage is minimal it’s fine with this lamp – which didn’t arise to me until I had bought 4 bulbs in an work to uncover one that fit the dang lamp! Curses. Fortunately Lowe’s lets you return them. 🙂

Anyway, here’s what I employed – the LED on the left is for the white Ranarp lamp and the a single on the correct is the 1 I used in the black Hektar:

light bulbs for IKEA lamps

Perhaps that will help some of you searching – it wasn’t effortless to locate ones that perform!

I’m scoping out other areas of the residence that would be a great match for a lot more tiny activity lighting like these. Like I explained, I’ll be adding two of the white lamps to the kiddo’s space quickly. I believe they’ll appear so good in there. Just have to come up with an additional excuse to drive to Cincinnati. )

Have you used these lamps anywhere in your house? I didn’t realize until I looked them up on the internet that there is a whole series of goods in each and every 1 – I Love the Ranarp pendant light!

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