Hello and happy new year! I&#8217ve not been in this space to blog since December 26th, the longest weblog break I&#8217ve taken in years! Crazy! It&#8217s nice to be back since blog breaks aren&#8217t as exciting for me as I guess they should be&#8230 I&#8217m often so super eager to get back to blogging! For instance, on Friday I had two lovely items take place in my life. This blog celebrated its 9th anniversary since I&#8217ve been blogging given that January 9, 2006 (study my first post). I seriously can&#8217t think that I&#8217m now into my 10th year and that this time next year, I&#8217ll be a blogger for an whole decade. I never ever imagined this would turn out to be a organization and a life altering path for me. This fantastic journey has been so rewarding in numerous methods but most of all, I&#8217m grateful to you for joining me.


Also on Friday my dear small son turned 11-months-old. It&#8217s a extremely lovely feeling to have a infant, so new and helpless in several techniques, and then to watch him grow so beautifully, become sturdy, handsome, clever, spirited, even create his own likes and dislikes in mere months. He began crawling at six months at prime speed, walking at 10 months and he has 6 teeth and is already eating solids (in addition to milk) &#8212 and is in best health. He has a gorgeous character too &#8211 a genuine mix of colors &#8211 he will absolutely develop up to have robust opinions and a love for individuals &#8211 I can clearly see this currently.

Our pediatrician told us she is so impressed by him, that even she isn&#8217t utilized to babies his age being so bright and ahead of most other babies. Although, honestly, she could have said nothing at all and I wouldn&#8217t have cared since I&#8217m not invested in producing him greater than other folks, I basically want him to stick to his personal path naturally and on his own terms. Although, of course, being new parents we couldn&#8217t support but to feel very pleased to be praised by our medical doctor for our dedication. This gave us both a very proud parents moment, and when you are so new to parenting, you need to have those confidence boosters since it&#8217s a really unknown and lengthy road to embark on &#8211 having a child &#8211 and an occasional cheering squad is nice from time-to-time. I&#8217m so happy that all of the really like and care we put into our son is paying off like this &#8211 with each of us home with him complete-time, we may possibly be struggling for operate balance and attempting to squeeze in everything while he&#8217s napping or asleep at evening, but it is soooo worth it to see him this healthy and pleased. He looks a bit significant in the photo above, he was tired when I shot this on Saturday, but I favor these quieter moments when he&#8217s not clowning around simply because I really like capturing his silence, his beauty, how lost in believed he appears because I really feel like I&#8217m catching a glimpse of &#8220future&#8221 him and it actually warms my heart.


But sufficient about parenting. How are you? I hope you all had a extremely restful and joyful holiday season. Ours was such a delight, we spent it with excellent buddies and household and ate far also numerous of my homemade cookies and cake, but now I&#8217m off of sugar performing a bit of a detox and my power is coming back again and I feel like I&#8217m acquiring my mojo back, slowly, soon after the lag of the holidays, celebrating a tiny also much, and chasing an 11-month-old who already looks and acts like he&#8217s 2 or three!

It&#8217s all so great although &#8211 life &#8211 and to consider that this time final year I was unpacking boxes in this new property with my large belly and my due date drawing closer and closer. And right now I&#8217m speaking about my energetic child who is currently walking. Yowser! So significantly can take place in a single year. In fact, I feel that is what my dear tiny boy has taught me amongst a slew of other critical issues &#8211 how every single moment should be felt and experienced, good and bad, and that so a lot can modify about a particular person in such a brief period of time that nothing is not possible if we will it to be.

Pleased 2015 to everyone &#8211 I&#8217m so satisfied to be back to give you yet another year of (hopefully) happiness, inspiration, inventive concepts, support and community.

Holly x

(Pictures: Holly Becker for decor8. Please do not use these pictures without my written consent since they are of my little boy, thank you. Just pop me an email. Thanks!)

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