Remarks update: is this image sexist? Pictures of model in an Australian house prompted a discussion on the way girls are represented in architecture. Read more on this and more lively comment threads on Dezeen.

Model behaviour: one reader was rapid to pass judgement on the decision to attribute a woman in the photography for Concrete Residence, a family property in Melbourne.

“If anyone’s in doubt about sexism in architecture, the countless succession of male architects making use of girls as ornamental props need to clear factors up,” wrote Aaron.

But others felt he was overreacting. “Good taste has practically nothing to do with sexism,” responded Concerned Citizen.

The female turned out to be one particular of the architects that worked on the task, who stepped into the debate. “I am proud to be element of the shoot and had a whole lot of fun with it,” wrote Angela. Read the remarks on this story »

Portrait of Alvaro Siza, who is planning his first US project, a luxury tower in Manhattan

Siza’s tower: Dezeen revealed information of the initial US project by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Álvaro Siza this week. But some readers have been surprised to hear that the Portuguese architect, who advised Dezeen in an interview that “emotion is extremely important in architecture,” would be making a luxury condominium tower in Manhattan.

“Producing a lot more spaces that nobody can afford to appreciate,” wrote Mia Tsiamis. “Let us produce more architecture for the numerous!”

“Architecture IS loved by all,” responded normal commenter The Liberty Disciple. “The personal spaces need to interface with the public. In purchase to pay the outrageous charges and bureaucracy of constructing codes, you need to have money.”

“I wanted to publish that with his age, esteem and income he could have refused and manufactured a fine statement,” added Carl. “But even if he did, it wouldn’t make the information and he has an office to feed.” Read the comments on this story »


B minus: Work started this week on New York’s “School of Genius”, which aims to increase the city’s burgeoning tech industry with a focused university campus on Roosevelt Island. Despite featuring buildings made by US architecture firms Morphosis, Handel Architects, and Weiss/Manfredi, many readers were underwhelmed.

“The design and style of the buildings does not reflect the ambition of the undertaking,” wrote Durgen Jensen.

“The place is remarkable but the buildings are underwhelming,” agreed Jonathan Tuffin.

But others have been far more forgiving. “Perhaps they reflect the actuality of the spending budget,” offered Jeremy Brunel. Read the comments on this story »

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by SelgasCano

Tunnel vision: Pictures of this year’s colourful plastic Serpentine Pavilion, created by Spanish architects SelgasCano, didn’t discover many followers amongst commenters. Some wondered if there was nevertheless potential in the gallery’s yearly pavilion commission following 15 many years.

“Do we require another Serpentine Pavilion?” asked André Romitelli. “Seems like we’ll have to wait to see it in man or woman ahead of judging,” wrote N_1010.

But Gunnar Burke was in no doubt about his emotions for the framework: “It truly is gorgeous, exclusive, and phenomenological.” Read the comments on this story »



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