5 many years in the past these days, I published my quite 1st website submit.

It was a very first of several&#8230 and wasn&#8217t genuinely all that type to the preceding proprietor&#8230 and I had a good deal to discover about blogging. But what I also didn&#8217t know at the time was how random and fantastic this journey would have been.

I took a small time to reflect nowadays on my &#8220blogiversary&#8221 — the significance of it, the simultaneous ridiculousness of it, and in between — and in the long run, all I could come out with was grateful.

When I started out this site, it was an trustworthy-to-god way of stopping what had occurred so a lot of instances before. Every time I went out to dinner with a pal, I would tell them a new house story. All of the cat fights, and found fingernails, and finding out what to get in touch with bug shit, and everything. But I would forget which good friend I told which story to, and that led to me becoming the annoying friend telling the same story twice. Or 3 occasions. So when one particular of these close friends recommended that I just inform them on the web, significantly like blogs that I had admired and was studying from previously, I believed I&#8217d give it a shot.

And now, 5 years later on, I&#8217ve gone beyond yellow ceilings:

And disgusting, seemingly random lessons I never really needed to understand:

And it even led to a new work.

And in the finish, I determined that all I actually desired to say was thank you.

Each time I meet with a large group of other bloggers and &#8220talk weblog&#8221 — a rare, but required indulgence in an market that constantly feels somewhat lacking in terms of legitimacy outdoors of the site globe — I hear a lot about stats, and development, and revenue, and approaches for turning this passion into some thing that can be accomplished complete-time. And I support that considered. Passions ought to be pursued. And realized from. And allowed to flourish.

But one particular of the things I want I heard much more were stories about you guys. About a single reader producing an affect on a blogger, and how the conversation is changed from that point.

As a blogger, I hear a great deal about &#8220blogs are dying,&#8221 and &#8220people don&#8217t comment anymore,&#8221 and whatnot. But for me, I haven&#8217t witnessed that take place as considerably. And I believe it has a whole lot to do with you guys. I enjoy it when you care, and even when you don&#8217t. I take into account this my small tiny corner of the internet to have a conversation, and considerably of that entails the essential element of YOU getting a portion of it.

So, five many years in, I just wished to say my thanks. I may not make everyone content. I may not often meet the expectations that come with the Pinterest world we reside in. But that&#8217s not often the level, and I adore that I get to have this tiny tiny corner of mine to make other people truly feel like there&#8217s someone else out there encountering this DIY chaos that we&#8217re concurrently going by means of. Yes, in fact, there is another individual who had to find out that caulk demands a caulk gun. And yet somehow, with a small elbow grease, her kitchen went from this:

kitchen before

To this:

So, for what it&#8217s really worth: thank you. Thank you for reading through along. Thank you for commenting. And thank you for all of the other shit that can&#8217t be articulated when I&#8217ve had two glasses of wine. ) Cheers to 5 years!

The publish Five Years Ago&#8230

The Ugly Duckling Property


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