Dezeen promotion: Uk components brand DuPont has renewed and extended its assortment of Corian bathroom basins, and photographed them in styled environments for a new publication titled Portraits of Life .

Du Pont Corian promotion Industrial Loft with Energy basin

With twenty households now integrated in the bathroom assortment, the sinks and basins are described by the business as a “basic component of the DuPont Corian range”.

Du Pont Corian promotion Industrial Loft with Energy basin

Corian is a sound-surface materials designed for architects and designers, and is utilized to develop seamless architectural features, countertops and basins for the two industrial and residential tasks.

Du Pont Corian promotion Mediterranean Summer season with Serenity basin

The renewed bathroom variety includes versions titled Purity, Relax and Vitality – each named to reflect the products’ aesthetics.

Du Pont Corian promotion Mediterranean Summer time with Serenity basin

As portion of the brand’s Portraits of Daily life publication, the basins have been photographed in eight different styled bathrooms.

Du Pont Corian promotion Urban Affluence with Serenity basin

For instance, the Power basin is adorned with industrial-style taps and set in a tiled bathroom in one particular of the themed shoots.

Du Pont Corian promotion Urban Affluence with Serenity basin

A lot more information about the collection can be discovered on the DuPont web site, which consists of a devoted area for the Portraits of Life publication.

Du Pont Corian promotion Rustic Chic with Refresh basin

Study on for far more details from DuPont:

DuPont Corian renews and expands its collections of ready-produced basins and sinks

Ready-produced sink and basin shapes are a basic element of the DuPont Corian assortment. For decades, the seamless integration of Corian shapes and sheets has presented a superior and reliable combination of attractiveness, top quality and hygiene to residential and public spaces across the globe. Corian shapes get a stage forward with a renewed and expanded assortment, offering versatile and modern design, with innovative and distinctive technical attributes.

Du Pont Corian promotion Rustic Chic with Refresh basin

The renewed complete variety of Corian shapes now involves a complete of 40 designs, which are divided into sink and basin families. The title of every single family reflects its distinctive aesthetic:

– Bathroom assortment (twenty versions): Purity (two versions), Loosen up (three versions), Refresh (two versions), Energy (3 models), Calm (4 designs), Peace (1 model), Serenity (3 versions), Care (two models for the healthcare marketplace)

– Kitchen range (20 versions): Smooth (two models), Sweet (eight designs), Spicy (five designs), Sparkling (5 designs).

Du Pont Corian promotion Present day Retro with Purity basin

Portraits of Life themes

New Tradition

The veined bluish grey tones of Corian Juniper wrap seamlessly about the Corian Peace basin, generating an intriguing contrast with the traditional parquet flooring. Paired with ornate taps, the eclectic mixture refreshes the sophisticated interior of an urban townhouse.

Industrial Loft

The Corian Vitality basin is encased in a shell made from Corian Deep Titanium and fitted with standard utilitarian taps in a style that both enhances the industrial appear of a loft-fashion apartment and blends with its monochromatic decor.

Du Pont Corian promotion Contemporary Retro with Purity basin

Rustic Chic

Smoothly set into Corian in the industrial grey Deep Cloud shade, the Corian Refresh washbasin offers a touch of modern chic to the wooden vanity top’s rough texture and gives an unexpected twist to a rustic ambience.

Mediterranean Summer season

Bathed in Mediterranean sunlight, artisan style aquamarine tiles contrast with the velvety smooth touch of a Corian Serenity basin set into a Corian Glacier White vanity leading. The area evokes the fresh fragrance of a bright summertime morning by the sea.

Du Pont Corian promotion Modern Black with Relax basin

Vintage Romantic

In an interior design and style that boasts a daring mix of vintage wallpaper, boiserie and off-white hardwood flooring, the Corian Calm washbasin in a sleek shell of Corian Glacier White harmonises perfectly with its surroundings.

Contemporary Retro

Inspired by Italian design and style of the Fifties, the use of marble in this setting recalls the spacious interiors of a mansion. Seamlessly incorporated into a cantilevered vanity best in Corian Glacier White, a pair of Corian Purity washbasins emphasise the refined atmosphere of this bathroom.

Du Pont Corian promotion Modern Black with Unwind basin

Modern Black

Integrated to a jet black mount made from Corian Deep Nocturne, a sleek Corian Unwind washbasin performs in crisp contrast with the dark wall panelling and checkerboard tiled floor to evoke a timeless elegance.

Urban Affluent

The smooth lines of a Corian Serenity basin put in inside a frame of steel and Corian Deep Sable creates a sophisticated impression. With atmospheric lighting it turns into the statement centrepiece for a hotel suite or a penthouse.



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