Swiss watch brand Movado has collaborated with industrial designer and Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar to reinterpret its iconic Museum Dial timepiece.

Béhar’s Edge watch for the 134-year-previous brand is a new iteration of the Museum Dial – originally created in 1947 by American designer Nathan George Horwitt.

Yves Behar Watch for Movado

Distinguished by its lack of numbers and a single gold dot in area of the 12, the Museum Dial watch was added to the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Contemporary Ar (MoMA) in 1959.

Béhar’s update retains the distinctive dot, but as a sculptural element that rises out of the watch’s bowl-shaped aluminium encounter.

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An undulating texture encircles the numberless encounter, with sixty ridges that have been created to represent the seconds that make up a minute.

“Like the movement of the sun all through the day reveals the topography of the earth from desert sand dunes to mountains, the edge dial relief plays with light and transforms,” said Béhar, whose studio has developed every thing from thermostats for British Gas to set prime boxes for Canal+.

Yves Behar Watch for Movado

“As the user’s wrist moves, the design adjustments continually, symbolically speaking of time as the indicator of alter in our lives,” he added.

The surface of the single dot is highly polished to contrast with the matt watch face, and the surrounding bezel has been kept purposefully narrow.

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The view is accessible as a chronograph or normal model, in black, silver and rose gold finishes, with stainless steel backlinks, black leather or rubber straps. The design and style dispenses with the Movado brand on the face of the observe.

Yves Behar Watch for Movado

“As a designer, it is both challenging and an thrilling challenge to design for Movado, a watch brand that is both universally recognised as a modern day pioneer, and at the very same time available,” said Behar, who has also made a observe for Issey Miyake that was previously stocked at Dezeen Observe Keep.

“The opportunity to stand out, to stand for anything can be rare in observe layout,” he added.

Other recently launched watches include designs with marble faces by AARK, Nordic-influenced limited editions by Void, and a range by clock brand Newgate – all component of Dezeen Observe Store’s curated collection.



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