design modern duplexToledano + Architects creatively envisioned a duplex penthouse for a family with two kids in Tel Aviv, Israel. The major challenge was to generate separation between the parents&#8217 and children&#8217s places while maintaining living spaces that would encourage interaction.

&#8220The total residence is extremely modular, with sliding doors, a hidden bar in the bookcase, an in depth metal table,&#8221 explained the architects. &#8220This supplies each and every area with several functions in accordance to the time of the day or the event.&#8221

The most striking feature of the apartment is the hanging staircase, which adds graphic linear shadows to the living spaces thanks to the all-natural light crossing the metal cables.

modern duplex (1)&#8220The youngsters&#8217 area was made like a playground, integrating a desk, a blackboard, bookshelves, beds, a wood cabin with laser-minimize maps on the wall, a dance bar, closets and so on in purchase to inspire creativity,&#8221 the architects said. &#8220On the other hand, the dad and mom have their master suite, with a totally various architectural language, separated from the rest of the duplex.&#8221

Residing spaces are extended outdoors with a massive pergola enlivened by plants and unique views of the Tel Aviv skyline. [Information provided by Toledano + Architects photography by Oded Smadar]

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