I like to switch things up around the house so recently I made some changes to our dining room. I replaced the plain cream silk curtains with patterned window panels and the light fixture with a white beaded chandelier I’ve been crushing on for a year.

Our dining room looks out to the rear courtyard and plays both a formal and casual role in our home. It’s also a space we walk by 100 times a day so I prefer it to be decorated with soothing neutrals. I’ve always loved a soft green and white combination paired with mixed seating and varied wood tones in here so that palette continues even with the new accessories.

green white mixed wood tones dining room

I had a store credit for winning the Lamps Plus Best DIY blog of 2013 and with it I ordered a new chandelier in our dining room (source below) and I think it’s just perfect in this space.

maarid white beaded chandelier

The window panels you see are the Scribble in Leek curtains by West Elm – they popped up on clearance two months ago so I snagged four 96” panels for \$29 each and sewed two together on each side for fullness. The midnight blue and gray versions are still available, this green is not. :( 

tab scribble

I believe it’s best to double up 48 – 54” wide panels on windows over 5 feet wide or on French doors, that way the window treatments are fuller and can be functional too so when you close them they’re not flat.

I loved the price but I still had two problems with these store bought curtains, first, even at 96” they weren’t long enough to fall to the floor from the existing rod so I pulled out the top hem with a seam ripper to add a few inches and also removed the rear tabs. Second, like most store bought curtains, these are not lined and I like my window panels lined so I sewed inexpensive \$4/yard drapery liner to the backs of both panels so they’re white when seen from the outdoors and heavier in weight so they drape nicely.

I’m a big fake when it comes to pleated window panels, I don’t follow all the formal steps. When professionally done, pinch pleated drapes have special header tape and drapery hooks that attach to the rings and look something like this.  

proper pleats

I don’t bother, it’s the inpatient imperfectionist in me when it comes to curtains. Instead I wing it and pinch three pleats every 8 inches or so and sew them together with my machine about ¾ of an inch from the edge and then attach the rings above by hand with a needle and thread. Again, imperfect, but that’s good enough for me. 

faux pleat technique


sew 1 inch inside


faux pleats in window panels


I’m a lover of any decor that is curvaceous and white and I think this chandelier which retails here, here, and here is so so very pretty, BUT…

walnut built in buffet hutch

I was disappointed with the cost of the fixture given the materials that make up this piece which are… bum bump bummm… metal and plastic. I discovered that when I removed it from the box. I used a store credit so I paid nothing, but know this fixture retails for \$650 (ouch) and at that price I was expecting glass beads. But then I realized glass beads would make it extremely heavy so I understand the use of plastic, but hello with plastic beads the fixture should be a heck of a lot less money IMHO.

Despite that, I really do love the shape and size of the fixture in the space, it’s a fresh modern accent coupled with the new window panels.

centsational girl dining room


Find all the information on our trestle table I love but agonized about here. To answer a FAQ, the table has held up so well, it still looks great, and I’m still crazy about it!

white beaded chandelier dining room


The table runner and block print napkins are from World Market, the linen pumpkins are from sponsor Love Feast Shop and add an elegant seasonal touch.

white linen pumpkins on table


** Also, as I mentioned in the title, I’m taking the remainder of the week off to catch my breath like I do every few months. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends with all the remodel projects we’ve taken on lately (and I haven’t even shared two other Alma Project related spaces I’m working on right now) so I’m going offline for a few days to rest and recharge my batteries. I’ll be back this Friday with some favorite links for weekend reading, until then, thanks for understanding and enjoy your week !


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