Cork is not only reserved for the plugs&#8230 The creators of furniture and decorative objects appropriated this 100% natural and recyclable material. At the recent Maison &ampamp Objet shows Cork was much more and a lot more present on the booths. In truth, do you know exactly where is Cork? It is identified in the bark of specific trees, and primarily that of the Cork oak, it serves as protection against insects, the cold and the rain to the shaft that it covers (for far more towards Wikipedia). Right here is a selection of 11 decorating concepts to adopt the Cork.

table cork

1. 1 of my favourites at the final salon Maison &ampamp Objet, the table editor tiny fried Basil. Its metal structure is covered with a cork prime. It is accessible in three versions: sphere, pyramid, and trapeze at Uaredesign.

2. tiny furniture is not the only appeal to Cork, the proof with this sofa two spot Cork covered with red cushions. It is signed Lucie Koldova for PER / USE.

3 suspensions Seletti domes in Liège of the Portugal: a red wire at the finish of which hangs a Lampshade in Liège proposed in 5 various forms at Uaredesign.

four. Miammmm a Pouffe with original design that mimics the shape of a giant macaron. Due to Toni Grilo designer for the brand Haymann.

5 Cork loved ones is a content and friendly stools untreated Cork trio, made by Jasper Morrison in 2004 to Vitra. You can find them at Voltex.

6. for its portion, the deco Scandinavian Ferm Living-mark reviewed the excellent old under flat slab Cork to produce a cork ball necklace on which you can ask your pans with style. It is sold on

7. for even far more Cork in your kitchen decoration, go ahead also for plateau Ferm matching Living.

8 Corkigami owes its name to the merger of Cork, which indicates liege in English and Orginami. This Chair Cork comes from the imagination of the designer Carlos Ortega.

9 lamp in Liège by Craig Foster.

ten.tabouret metal with seat in Liège, found in January on stand Rodet of Maison &ampamp Objet.

11. gorgeous marriage of feathers and Cork for this lamp of the Godefroy de Virieu designer for the brand workshop workout routines. It is available on

adjustable stool

bar stool cork

chair cork and metal

cork and metal stool

cork board ferm living

cork trivet ferm living

desk lamp cork

furniture design cork

lamp feathers cork

map of the world cork

pouf cork

sofa cork Corque

stool champagne cork wine stopper

stool cork cork family vitra

suspension cork

suspension design cork

wheelchair liege corkigami

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