If you&#8217re familiar with our loved ones in any way, then you are effectively conscious of our slight obsession with all things Colonial Williamsburg. Something about the sights (those stunning historic houses, horse-drawn carriages) and sounds (the cobblestones, the old English chatter) hits house for us and we can&#8217t support but make the 3 hour drive at least when each and every handful of months or so.

Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-03 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-04 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-05

Earlier this month, my sister, mom and I took a girl&#8217s trip to Williamsburg. This was my 1st time enjoying the Christmas decorations and events and I have a feeling that I&#8217m going to insist that it grow to be an annual tradition. We stayed at the Lodge, but also produced many trips across the way to the Williamsburg Inn exactly where we have been capable to luxuriate (there&#8217s actually no better word for it) in the stately lobby. It&#8217s like walking into a dream—a completely coifed, completely lit dream.

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And it wouldn&#8217t be a trip to Williamsburg throughout the holidays with no peering up at all of the Christmas wreaths and door decor in the historic region. The residents and employees of Colonial Williamsburg go all out each year (there&#8217s a contest!) to make positive that everywhere we appear, there&#8217s something beautiful to go ga-ga over. I hardly walked ten feet without having feeling the need to have to lift my camera.

Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-17 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-19 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-20




The open-air markets also are a favourite quit. Wreaths are up for sale, plus all the period odds and ends you could dream of. The roaring fire cuddled up inside a bricked hearth didn&#8217t hurt significantly either&#8230The wind was completely killer that day, but it didn&#8217t truly slow us down.

Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-24 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-25 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-27 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-28





Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-42 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-43

As the three of us walked Duke of Gloucester Street, we inevitably split up—mom to snap her own pictures of pretty wreaths, my sister to peer about the fences of specific homes to investigate the completely groomed gardens. We barely even spoke to every other except to point up at particular doors with wide eyes. There was just so a lot to see!

Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-48 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-54 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-56 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-51 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-59



Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-68 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-72 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-74



^^^1 of the beautiful winners of the decor contest—this one, an amateur style, think it or not^^^

Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-49 Williamsburg-Christmas-2014-50



^^^Another of the contest award winners^^^


Remain tuned tomorrow (Christmas Eve!) for the reveal of a handmade wreath made by yours truly—although it&#8217s no where close to as quite as these professional designs, I&#8217m taking it as my own personal challenge to get better and much better each and every year. I&#8217m wondering&#8230Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg?

(In case you had been asking yourself a small something yourself, this post is in no way, shape or kind sponsored—I&#8217m just the CW&#8217s most significant fan)

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