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Decorate your living area in a contemporary type to complement your contemporary brown sofa. Contemporary decor typically consists of soft intriguing textures, clean lines and neutral colors with an accent colour in bold. Mainly employing neutral colours will enable you to modify your accent color every single season or when you are tired of the current color. Use the brown sofa to anchor your living room.


Paint the wall behind the bed in your accent colour or yet another neutral tone to frame brown sofa. For example, Fuchsia, sky blue and green lime would perform with sofas, dark brown or clear. To preserve it neutral, painting the wall of chocolate for a sofa in light brown or cream to dark brown sofa.


Location furnishings to complement the sofa and use it as an anchor in the area. They could a two seater sofa and two chairs on the other side of the sofa or sit on every single side of the sofa in front of the other. Use tables with clean and basic lines in tones of dark wood or light or glass and metal. Round, square and rectangular shapes are fine.

Include texture to the room with textiles. A higher stack or blurred in your accent colour or daring-striped rug can anchor your furnishings arrangement. Sheer curtains or simple bamboo curtains can give privacy with out removing from your decor.


Hang a mirror, wall sculptures, artwork or framed images. Easy lines are the crucial, but some thing bold and intriguing, like a piece of contemporary art that includes the accent color that you are utilizing in the living room. A huge piece or two pieces that are the exact same size are greater than multiple little components.

Set up fascinating lighting, like a spider. Ancient or contemporary pieces perform. Hang the lamp on the sofa, behind or to one particular side of it. Lamps with clean lines or track lighting that shines in his work will also be additional to the room. Consider a lamp or display in your accent shade in daring.


It complements the brown sofa with pillows. Use a single or two pillows on each and every end of the sofa in simple squares, intriguing materials and brilliant colours. Orange, yellow, lime green, blue, red and Fuchsia are some ideas that work nicely with Brown. Sprinkle the accent of shade across the area in a couple of internet sites that use candles, classy vases or pottery.









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