Milan 2015: bike producer AERO designed this prototype bicycle frame from layers of birch to check wooden structural strategies that can be applied to architectural tasks .

Wooden composite bike by AERO

The bicycle was conceived by Martino Hutz, Atanas Zhelev and Mariya Korolova while doing work on a wooden structural design for a London residence, during their scientific studies at the University of Utilized Arts Vienna.

Wooden composite bike by AERO

“We received tons of curiosity from structural consultants following the layout of the property,” explained venture designer Atanas Zhelev. “To even more build our tips and the technological innovation for massive-scale buildings, we chose to commence at a smaller sized scale by generating a bicycle.”

“The bicycle is ideal to check how wooden structures function in diverse scales with various loads,” he advised Dezeen.

Wooden composite bike by AERO

Lamellas – really thin layers of wood – type the frame, splaying at the factors where the crank and peddles are fixed as effectively as beneath the seat. This design replaces traditional spring-based mostly suspension systems, providing structural lightness, improved flexibility and greater strength, in accordance to Zhelev.

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“We are attempting to discover the ideal structural remedy for this certain suspension system so that it doesn’t flex also significantly,” continued Zhelev. “It requirements to offer a cozy ride whilst being capable of absorbing massive shocks.”

Wooden composite bike by AERO

In accordance to Zhelev, the bicycle combines structural performance and aesthetic clarity. He describes it as a hybrid of Le Corbusier’s mantra “form follows function” and the Oscar Niemeyer quote “type follows elegance”.

Every single length of birch wood was lower into 0.9-millimetre sheets, which were then glued with each other to form the last shape. The all-natural fibres of every single wooden element were aligned to boost general strength as effectively as improve rigidity.

Wooden composite bike by AERO

“The choice of wood as the material for this task is particularly substantial,” additional Zhelev, “as it not only combines natural beauty and resource friendliness, but also provides the elemental properties of becoming versatile.”

The layering principle was also an important aspect to the wooden prototype, which the team believe is a better way of generating wooden shapes than milling timber blocks.

Wooden composite bike by AERO

“This usually wastes a lot of wooden materials and destroys the natural structure of the wood,” said Zhelev.

“The undertaking seeks to go beyond the conventional bicycle through the investigation and establishment of new manufacturing approaches using wood-based supplies for larger constructions,” he concluded.

Wooden composite bike by AERO

The group have since investigated introducing layers of carbon fibre or aluminium inside of the wooden lamellas, which the designers say will boost total structural power with less material.

“The carbon absorbs the sheer force, which is higher on the two sides of the wooden block, even though the birch delivers versatility,” said Zhelev. “The ratio among the carbon and the birch would control the overall versatility of the wooden lamellas.”

Wooden composite bike by AERO

The last prototype is scheduled to be produced this 12 months and will be topic to a check for lengthy-term anxiety create-up to prove its viability and longevity.

The prototype was initial proven at Milan design and style week 2015 as part of a presentation by Ezgaat Architects.

Undertaking credits:

Style: AERO
Management and technology improvement: Digital Architects – Mariya Korolova, Atanas Zhelev
Notion and style: Martino Hutz Architecture – Martino Hutz
Partners: Studio Zaha Hadid, Institute of Architecture, University of Utilized Arts Vienna
Structural advisor: Altair Engineering
Manufacturing and components: Höller
Media manufacturing: Maveo Schneider &amp Kreitmeir



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