Hey HEY! Wow, this morning was rough. I don’t actually thoughts the time adjust significantly but that very first Monday morning is killer, correct? Yikes. Consequently the late submit nowadays.

Due to the fact we now have more daylight and it’s like Mom Nature knew that was occurring and we are possessing completely beautiful weather (for the next couple of weeks at least), I am so SO ready for spring. This is such a great time of the year – and it’s one particular of the numerous causes I really like living exactly where the seasons adjust. It is renewing and refreshing to have these lovely days soon after months of getting within.

Nicely, individuals extremely brilliant people at Target have to know this due to the fact they are so spot on with some of the things in their dollar area appropriate now. I had to present you some of these goodies in case you haven’t been in. I had gone about six weeks without having a Target trip (I KNOW!) and now I’ve been there three occasions in a week (partly to choose up some much more of the issues I’m sharing these days).

Very first of all, I have to inform my Canadian readers that you may want to look away…this may be too a lot for you. I hear Target came and went pretty fast, what’s up with that? I cry for you Canada.

Okay, here are some of my favored minor finds from the infamous “dollar spot.” These little pails are just the cutest:

target small pails

They had strong colored ones as nicely. I came up with a enjoyable tiny task to use these for that I hope to get carried out these days. I adore the colours on them…LOVE. That watercolor look is enormous appropriate now and I’m obsessed with it.

These jars are actually \$3 for the two:

target dollar spot jars

I’m not a huge aqua fan but when it comes to jars I can’t resist. I received three sets of these in excess of the previous week, and I could go back for a single a lot more aqua set. I prepare to use them in the loft when it will get a makeover sometime this 12 months.

I often choose up a bunch of notepads – even even though I previously have a eleventy billion of them:

target dollar spot notepads

They’re challenging to resist, proper? I also grab them for swift teacher/pal presents too.

I do the same with the pen and pencil sets. They had so numerous cute office supplies that matched:

target dollar spot office supplies

So fresh and pretty! Pens and pencils are yet another item I can’t resist.

They had some cute crafty supplies as well. I picked up these three:

target dollar spot

I enjoy individuals little stamps – I got some from the dollar spot years back but lost some of the letters. These are a small bigger than the ones I had prior to.

And last but not least, I picked up a couple of these cute little planters with the chalkboard too:

planter with chalkboard

They had aqua and pink as nicely. Treasured.

I used my clear jars for oats and chocolate chips (ingredients for my peanut butter energy balls, yum):

small glass jars with lids

And I positioned the burlap “S” in my boxwood wreath on the pantry for now:

glass pantry door

I’m hoping to add it to a front door wreath ultimately, but first I have to decide what will go on the front door. )

Have you visited this tiny (evil) spot of Target? It’s ridiculously enjoyable. And unsafe. You’ve been warned. Have you discovered any wonderful goodies there lately?

Thrifty Decor Chick


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