First (pressing) things, first—that photo looks a little pixelated doesn’t it? I’m grappling with a bit of buyer’s remorse because I just splurged on a new Canon EOS 7D and clearly have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve been avoiding it for the past couple of weeks because of the intimidation factor, but finally broke it out yesterday for today’s post. Now I feel like throwing my hands up in the air because only a few shots seemed worth sharing. Any Canon aficionados care to offer some tips? I’m thinking it has something to do with the auto focus, but that’s as far as my imagination has gotten me.


Shoty shots aside, I’m personally of the mind that a few less pixels can’t detract from how precious my most recent Thrift Store Score is. This retro bubblegum pink filing cabinet came from a local used furniture shop downtown and cost me less than \$50. Considering the fact that I had, up until this point, been planning to spend over three times that amount on this beauty from CB2 (of course, now it’s on sale…), I’d call it one of my more responsible purchases! Plus, I’ll take vintage over mass-produced any day.


It was one of those serendipitous moments where I went to the furniture store in search of new dining room chairs, but left with nothing—that is, aside from visions of a pretty pink filing cabinet that I had seen tucked in the corner. Not two days went by before I made up my mind to go back for it. Happily, there she was in all her pristine glory.

It has been so wonderful having a real filing cabinet (with a working key, too!) in my office/studio. Although my filing system is anything but pretty or perfectly uniform on the inside, it is perfectly functional, which is more than I could say of my previous system (aka. piles of paper scattered on every surface). I’m in love.



And with that, I leave you for the weekend. I hope you all enjoy safe late-night traipsing and sweet Halloween treats tonight—I, for one, can hardly wait to get my hands on some candy. I’m obviously going to blame that instinct on my cotton candy-colored filing cabinet though…

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