Rihanna hairstyles

Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna is one of the role model and style icon for notably black women and women all around the world. So we’ve gathered 15 Best Rihanna Pixie Cuts for all ladies who wants some inspiration for a new look.

Rihanna has tried lots of hairstyles and hair color through years. Since short hairstyles are in fashions in the recent years she wear short pixie cut too. One of her most iconic haircut is pixie with a side swept bangs. She has rocked that haircut and dyed her hair pink for more dramatic and stylish look. Curly hairstyles seem to be improper for short hairstyles but in 2016 most of the black women also carry very short haircuts to look unique stylish and sexy.

Latest hair styles and trends make it possible to go unlimited styling options for women with pixie hairstyles. Before choosing your pixie cut make sure it will match with you face shape and hair texture. The ultimate goal is to create a Rihanna inspired modern haircut that is customized exactly for you. If you ready for cutting your hair to shorter styles check our gallery of best Rihanna pixie cuts for more inspirational ideas!

1. Best Rihanna Pixie Hair

Rihanna Pixie Cut

2. Rihanna Layered Pixie

Rihanna Pixie Haircut

3. Rihanna Pixie Haircut Style

Rihanna Pixie Haircut Pictures

4. Curly Pixie Cut Rihanna

Pixie Cut Rihanna

5. Rihanna Pink Pixie

Rihanna Pixie


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-6


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-7


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-8


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-9


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-10


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-11


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-12


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-13


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-14


Rihanna Pixie Cuts-15



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