In continuing with our BBQ theme: Southern Spring BBQ inspiration board, Relaxed and Elegant Spring BBQ, and our three DIY’s here, here and here, we’ve put together the most adorable boxed lunch perfect for a daytime or picnic style wedding. With the help of our friends at Zazzle, we customized each and every element and the end result really couldn’t be any cuter. And let’s be honest, we LOVE a daytime wedding and think they should be celebrated more often!

Photography: Christina McNeill


Thanks to Zazzle, we could easily customize every element of our boxed lunch including a menu, hang tag, stickers, straws, napkins, bunting banner and tissue paper! We went with a black, white and red vintage picnic theme and Megan from Ruby the Fox created all of the playful designs. How perfect is this for a casual lunch wedding or even a BBQ rehearsal dinner? It’s quick, simple and totally affordable to personalize all of your details with the “upload your own design” tool at Zazzle. Not feeling so creative? They’ve got a million already-made designs that are perfect for a variety of different styles + events.



Let’s face it, a formal nighttime wedding just isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for something more laid-back and informal, the idea of a lunchtime picnic celebration is everything. Have your guests come in comfortable attire and have an assortment of seating (benches, blankets strewn about) for everyone to hang out and celebrate what’s really important — your “I dos!”


We love the blank canvas of a kraft gable box — ready for a sweet sticker or even a rubber stamp — to personalize for our BBQ picnic lunch.

Tip #1: Get creative here! Create a logo or brand for your event (or hire a graphic designer to create one for you!) and then have it printed on stickers to decorate the box or bag for your treats.

Tip #2: Think outside the box! Want something your guests can use over and over again? Swap out the gable box for a customized tote bag. These are awesome after the big day for schlepping groceries or farmers market finds.




In our box, you’ll find a sandwich, cookie, chips, and an apple! All individually wrapped and marked, we put it together with some ready-made black and white gingham tissue paper from Zazzle. We wrapped the sandwich in parchment paper and bakers twine and sealed it with a custom sticker saying what was inside. For the chips and cookie we used cellophane bags and sealed with a custom sticker. We love how the design of each sticker coordinates with each other and it all feels personalized and unique.

Tip #3: Lay some tissue paper down in your gable box before you add all your items to add a little more flare! It looks so cute when opened up.

Tip #4: This time around we went with cello bags to wrap up the goodies, but glassine would be great, too! We opted not to go with kraft paper as our items (hello, yummy chips + cookies!) are greasy and kraft will show grease spots.


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To take it up another notch, we opted for a custom napkin to place inside the box and a hang tag to tie on the outside. We also had Megan create a menu to place inside the gable box complete with the wedding date and the couple’s logo. These thoughtful add-ons add those special touches that make the picnic box feel super meaningful and trust me, your guests will notice all of these adorable touches!

Tip #5: Include items on your menu that you love as a couple! Me and my honey? It would be all gummy bears and pizza! It’s the perfect way to introduce all the things you and your partner love together. It could even be cute to add a little tidbit or backstory to why each item was included.

Tip #6: Make it fun! The idea of a picnic lunch wedding is to be lighthearted and casual, so infuse the design with playful elements that speak to you. And really, this idea can be customized any way you like. Pick and choose from these helpful tricks and inspiration to create a sweet bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner or even picnic date with your beau. And be sure to share your boxed lunch photos with us. We can’t wait to see.


Last but not least, we put together a perfectly on-theme and playful bunting banner to hang above the table where the boxes are sitting. We used fonts to coordinate with the rest of the paper goods and kept it super simple in black and white. The best part about these customizable decor items? You can make it say whatever you want. Personalize to your heart’s content! It doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Zazzle also has a ton of pre-designed banner options that are so so cute.


This post is sponsored by ZAZZLE, who makes it easy to create custom items for yourself or to sell, simply by uploading your artwork or personalizing one of their existing designs. From invitations to bridesmaid tank tops, from custom postage stamps to table number cards, ZAZZLE is a great resource for your custom wedding needs.


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