3D-printing with residing organisms “could
transform the meals market”

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: food designer Chloé Rutzerveld has developed a concept for “wholesome and sustainable” 3D-printed snacks that sprout plants and mushrooms for flavour (+ movie).

Edible Growth 3D-printed food by Chloé Rutzerveld

Rutzerveld’s Edible Development task consists of 3D-printed shapes containing a mixture of seeds, spores and yeast, which will start to grow soon after only a few days.

“Edible growth is exploring how 3D printing could transform the food industry,” she says in the movie. “It is about 3D printing with living organisms, which will build into a fully grown edible.”

Edible Growth 3D-printed food by Chloé Rutzerveld

Each of the basket-like 3D-printed structures, which Rutzerveld presented at Dutch Style Week 2014, consists of an edible centre of agar – a gelatinous substance that permits the seeds and spores to sprout.

Edible Growth 3D-printed food by Chloé Rutzerveld

As the plants and mushrooms increase, the flavour also develops, transforming into what Rutzerveld claims is a fresh, nutritious and tasty snack after only a couple of days.

“As it comes out of the 3D printer you can genuinely see the straight lines of the technology,” she says. “But as it develops, you can see organic shapes. You can see the stages of development and the improvement of taste and flavour.”

Edible Growth 3D-printed food by Chloé Rutzerveld

The aim of the venture, which Rutzerveld produced in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technological innovation and research organisation TNO, was to investigate ways that 3D printing could be utilized in the food business.

“By 3D printing food you can make the manufacturing chain quite short, the transport will be significantly less, there is much less land required,” says Rutzerveld.”But also you can experiment with new structures. You can surprise the customer with new meals and issues that have not been accomplished prior to.”

Edible Growth 3D-printed food by Chloé Rutzerveld

In certain, Rutzerveld wanted to find a way that 3D printers could be employed to produce fresh and wholesome food at house.

“A whole lot of men and women think industrialised production techniques are unnatural or unhealthy,” Rutzerveld says. “I want to show that it does not have to be the situation. You can actually see that it really is all-natural. It really is truly really wholesome and sustainable also at the same time.”

Edible Growth 3D-printed food by Chloé Rutzerveld

Nonetheless, Rutzerveld’s task is even now at the study and growth stage and she admits it will be a long time ahead of anyone is able to 3D-print her snacks at residence.

“It will get at least an additional eight to 10 many years ahead of this can be on the market,” she concedes. “The technologies actually want to be developed considerably additional.”

Chloé Rutzerveld Chloé Rutzerveld

This film was filmed in Eindhoven at Dutch Design and style Week 2014. The music in the film is a track known as Loved ones Music by local hip hop producer Y’Skid.

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers is an ongoing collaboration with MINI exploring how style and technology are coming collectively to shape the potential.

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