We are as in love with this perfectly classic, elegant wedding at Flood Mansion as the adorable Molly and Austin are with one another. The graphic designer-bride’s eye for detail is evident in the touches sprinkled throughout the day, like the hand-lettered P (to represent the couple’s newly shared surname) she designed, and then included on everything from save the dates, right through to the embroidered linen napkins at the reception. From the traditional invitations engraved in gold, to the touches of navy blue incorporated in the stationery and bridesmaids’ gowns, to the lush florals, not a single lovely detail was overlooked.  The couple discussed what mattered most to them in putting on such a special event, and then thanks to a fabulous team of vendors and her own keen eye, the bride and her mom “had the best time bringing this night to life.”

Photography by Josh Gruetzmacher

flood-mansion-wedding-03It was especially meaningful to this thoughtful pair to honor Austin’s late father on their special day. One subtle but poignant touch we love? Molly & Austin designed their jewellery in yellow gold to echo Austin’s dad’s gold Rolex, which Austin now wears.



The bride’s gorgeous lily of the valley bouquet was similar to that chosen by another classic bride – Duchess Catherine of Cambridge!




What a stunning bridal party!  Putting the groomsmen in tuxes and bridesmaids in floor length silk gowns is such an elegant touch.




Austin included a playful nod to his late father’s love of patterned suspenders, and had a pair made just for the occasion.



The Ceremony


Why did you choose this location for your ceremony? Flood Mansion in San Francisco was a dream venue for us. We are both from Southern California, but loved the idea of having a very classic wedding in the city. It’s such a fun place for family and friends to come and spend a long weekend! We are both traditional and wanted the wedding to reflect that.




What was your ceremony music? Processional: Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons: Autumn / Entrance: Pachelbel’s Canon in D / Recessional: Here Comes The Sun, George Harrison


Your ceremony in three words. Intimate, classic, elegant




How did you go about planning your ceremony? Austin and I asked his older brother, Troy, to officiate our ceremony. We think that having a strong personal connection to the officiant made for an exceptionally beautiful and special ceremony both for us and for our guests. We wanted it be traditional, with a little twist. He was really the perfect balance of humorous and heartfelt; I think everyone there laughed and cried.


While it may not be for everyone, we think Molly & Austin had a wonderful way of making sure their vows didn’t get lost in all of the emotions of the day. Molly explains, “we wrote our own vows, and then shared them with each other exactly one week before our wedding day. I’m really glad we did this and would recommend it to any couple that is writing their own vows. We were able to really, really listen and absorb them.”



The Reception


The bride described all of the elements that went into their reception, brought together expertly by event designer Molly Pollett: “when it was time for dinner, guests walked through the large front doors of the home, hung with fresh wreaths, into the main reception hall that overlooked the entire San Francisco Bay. We had a mix of round and long tables, draped with beautiful white linen and set with gold rimmed plates and glassware and pearl flatware. I designed our menus and table numbers to match the rest of our paper – they were letter pressed in navy, our accent color.”flood-mansion-wedding-30



Molly was thrilled with the way Max Gill Design draped the space in stunning florals: “Max filled the tables with beautiful, elegant florals – lots of whites, greens and gold-tones – in gold vessels. Vines were draped onto the tables in a natural, organic way.”




What was your favorite moment or part of the reception? Once everyone was seated for dinner, my parent’s rang their glasses to cue the singer. Austin and I then walked down the long hall, which was filled with our family and friends, to the end of the room by the windows overlooking the San Francisco Bay. We danced there together for the first time as husband and wife, to a grand piano and live vocals, overlooking the Golden Gate. It was magical!



What was the best advice you received as a bride? During the reception, grab your groom (or bride) and walk to the side of the room for 1 minute and just stand there and look around. Soak it in. All of your friends and family are in one place, celebrating the two of you. The day is literally a whirlwind that goes WAY too fast and taking just this minute to relax and soak it in is really special.


Fitting in perfectly with their classic theme, Molly shared a tender moment with her dad as they danced to My Girl. Austin and his mom shared their own moving (yet playful) moment, putting a new spin on one of Austin’s family traditions which this pair will carry on with their own children.



Molly raved about their dessert choices for the night: “Austin and I cut our four tier wedding cake – made up of layers including vanilla with lemon soak, strawberry jam and passion fruit curd. It was the best wedding cake I’ve ever had! ”




What advice do you have for other couples in the midst of planning a wedding? This whole experience is supposed to be fun, so try to remember that. It’s a lot of work, but try to not let it overwhelm you and tear you away from the reason you’re planning this whole event in the first place. Also, do not leave ANY tasks for yourself starting one day before any events for the wedding start. You want to be completely present once friends and family are in town and focus only on celebrating with your loved ones. The work is over, and the fun begins!


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