The design of the bathroom had evolved so much over the years. Today the simple shower and the sink are not enough. You want more. You want luxury in his bath. Beautiful tiles, dramatic lighting, bathroom furniture made from high-quality materials… Designers work precisely in this direction. Beautiful bathroom accessories, as well as elegant bathtub and send showers is really great. Some inhabitants of the House choose the first option: bath. Others opt for the shower. Also the so-called combination models are good because they bring together shower and tub and save much space in this way.

However, the classic at the bathroom design is the shower. Easy, super functional, beautiful looking. In this article we will concretely the glass wall handle shower, because we believe that this is in the trend and is also particularly attractive and elegant.


“Glass wall shower” is a very general term. There are so many Varinaten for glass items. For example, offers the market such walk in showers, which have no door, but one or two glass walls. These showers look fantastic! Another variation for glass wall shower is, for example, the niche shower enclosure, which is especially suitable for smaller bathrooms. What more is there? The shower cubicle with U-shape. It is built into a niche, but has three glass walls. The quarter circle showers are particularly attractive and space-saving. Their only disadvantage is that they are typically smaller. There are showers out of partly framed or frameless glass wall. Frameless showers are, in our opinion, the coolest variant for a contemporary and stylish designed bathroom. A specialist is required during installation.

Look now the many bathroom designs on. All shown baths appear totally beautiful, because they have shower glass wall. Get inspired and get one or more ideas for your bathroom. What kind of glass wall would shower in your private bathroom fit?

industrial model modern bathroom shower enclosure of glass



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