Transform Your Outdoor Space: 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Pool Area

Given the fast pace of the modern lifestyle, having an outdoor space where you can relax and unwind after a long day is a necessity these days. Because we are so busy, our backyards often get neglected, which is a shame considering their potential. They make for perfect private areas for spending quality time with friends and family. As such, they are the perfect candidates for creating the perfect pool area for hanging out, swimming, exercising, or simply soaking up some sunshine. These seven tips will help you design a swimming pool area that will completely transform the look of your outdoor space.

Rely on landscaping to create a welcoming atmosphere

Other than being an effective way to ensure some privacy in the backyard, landscaping can also be a useful design tool that can help you boost your home’s curb appeal. All the flora and fauna that surrounds your pool area can help create a welcoming atmosphere, greeting you with luscious colors and pleasant fragrances whenever you head outside. Jasmine, gardenia, and lilac tree are some of the examples of the plants you can use to spruce up your pool area and create a cozy ambiance. Of course, you can do your own landscaping. However, if you’re not sure which plants would work best for your pool area, hiring a landscaper could save you some time, and potentially, money.

Select the right location for your swimming pool

Where you decide to position your pool will largely depend on how much sunlight your backyard is getting. The last thing you want to do is to randomly select a spot only to find out that your pool is being kept in the shade. Of course, the size of your yard will significantly impact your decision on pool placement and how to make it safe. When selecting the right location for your swimming pool, make sure that there are both sunning and cooling areas. By choosing a sunny spot, you’ll ensure more hours of warmth while also reducing the need for frequent cleanups because of the leaves that fell off the trees.

Create a private theatre

When selecting the design of your swimming pool, you’ll also have to ensure that you’ve got privacy. We all want to feel free when spending time in our backyards watching movies with your family. Consider placing some shrubs and evergreens and make some use of landscape mounds. This will allow you to create a private space for placing some comfortable furniture and enjoy family movie nights. In addition to that, you’ll need to find the most amazing outdoor TV to have for streaming your favorite movies.. That way, you can rest assured that there will be no peeping Toms to ruin your time for relaxation.

Emphasize your pool area with effective lighting options

Lighting is an important aspect of outdoor design. Not only is it an inexpensive way to boost your home’s curb appeal, but it also helps increase the safety of the pool area. Therefore, it pays to put some thought into your outdoor lighting design and invest a bit more money into it. Which fixtures you choose will depend on the lights’ intended use. Soft lights are perfect for accent lighting while medium level lighting works best for task lighting, but make sure to browse for some ideas online and come up with an effective lighting design for your pool area.

Consider adding a water feature to spruce up your pool area

A great way to take your outdoor pool design to the next level would be to add a water element. Add-ons such as fountains and ponds can really help you step up your pool game and create a pool environment that is cozy, relaxing, and also a bit dramatic. They also increase the visual interest of your pool area, not to mention the soothing sounds that are sure to appeal to your senses. Depending on your budget, you can take things a step further by installing an outdoor spa or even a swimming pool if your backyard’s square footage allows for it. Spas make for interesting focal points and are the perfect features for more spacious outdoor areas, but there are also smaller spas that can fit in the smaller backyards.

Rely on fire pits to bring up the coziness factor

Practically any poolside patio could benefit from installing a fire pit. There’s something about the flickering flames that helps create a relaxing ambiance in the outdoor space and bring up the coziness factor. They are perfect for cooking BBQs, and also make for an effective source of heat and light. The best part? These backyard features are completely DIY-able! So, if you consider yourself crafty and want to showcase your creativity, building your own DIY fire pit might be the perfect outdoor project for you.

Having your own private oasis sounds like a dream come true for many. These improvements will increase the value of your home. With these seven tips in mind, you’re sure to design a cozy and comfy outdoor space that will serve as your personal outdoor retreat to enjoy and relax in – whenever you feel like it.

5 Simple Renovations That Can Transform a Room

This year we are spending hundreds of hours inside our home. With so much time on your hands, you can now finally embark on all those home projects you never had the time to do before. If you’re planning on revamping your room, then you’re in for a treat as we’ve compiled five renovations that can totally level up your room:

5 Simple Renovations That Can Transform a Room

Change your door and door handle

A lot of people often forget that doors (and by extension, door handles) can be just as stylish as they are functional. Now, when it comes to choosing the right door for your room, it’s important that you examine your door requirements. It also pays to analyze your interior decor before picking out the door or door accessories. This way, you will be able to make sure that your door doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and instead enhance the overall look of your room.

Change your door and door handle

Update the room’s heating system

Homeowners across the United States are looking to become more energy-efficient, to the point that many of them have considered using solar panels. Due to this newfound sense of environmental conscientiousness, more and more people are looking for new ways to make their homes a little greener.

One way to transform your home and make it more sustainable is to properly maintain the heating system. Broken boilers may not be heating your home efficiently. This poses two problems: insufficient heating and wasted energy. A good way to avoid this problem is to routinely inspect your boiler. HomeServe’s article on boiler maintenance explains how unusual noises, increased gas or energy usage, and leaks in your system’s pipes are all indicative of boiler complications. It’s best to call in a professional if you notice any of the things listed above, as it will save you a lot of trouble if you get ahead of the problem before it gets worse. If you do need to replace your boiler, you may also want to consider switching to a more energy-efficient model that will make your home eco-friendly and heat efficient. It’s a change that will certainly transform your home for the better in the colder months.

Upgrade your storage spaces

The popularity of minimalist designs has highlighted how clutter can greatly impact our overall wellbeing. When renovating your room, plan out how you can incorporate storage spaces into your interior. The Spruce recommends making use of vertical spaces that are often forgotten, like those above doors and windows. To do this, all you have to do is add sturdy shelves high up and along the wall. Just remember not to store anything too heavy up above, like boxes full of books or large appliances. Instead, go for light objects that you rarely use, like small treasured trinkets or photos.

Upgrade your storage spaces

Change up your lighting

The whole feel and ambiance of your room greatly depends on lighting, so if you’re after simple changes with a noticeable impact then consider changing up your lighting. When it comes to lighting, Emma-Louise Pritchard writing for Country Living notes that it’s important to make a lighting plan and layer your lights. For example, if the room you are renovating is the place where you do most of your work, then consider how different lights can promote productivity. To achieve the ambiance that you want, layer your lighting by using different light sources across different levels. For instance, if you want to make a room look more spacious, Good Housekeeping suggests investing in both uplighting and low lighting fixtures, which can help create an illusion of height.

Change up your lighting

Redo your walls

If there’s one simple renovation that is popular for both beginning DIYers and veteran renovators, it is painting your walls. It’s a project that is relatively inexpensive, straightforward, and easy to fix. In most cases, the hardest part would be picking out a color. To avoid getting overwhelmed, it’s best to start by figuring out the general color characteristics you want. Do you want a warm or cool shade? Neutral or saturated? Answering these questions will help you get a sense of what you’re looking for and aid you in picking out a few shades. Don’t forget to get samples so you can test them out and see how they would look in your room at different times of the day.

For more tips be sure to check out our post ‘Best Ways to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget’.

Make Your Apartment Brighter With These Lighting Techniques

Having a well-lighted apartment has significant benefits to your mood and overall well-being. Regular exposure to natural light gives your body a boost in Vitamin D, helps with depression and stress, and reduces your chances of having bad eyesight.

Proper lighting helps with your health, and it also makes your place cozy and relaxed. With the proper furniture arrangement and lighting, you can boost your apartment’s vibe and color. With these easy tips, you will surely be able to brighten up your place to make it cozier and your stay more comfortable.

Do Some Paintwork

The most basic thing you can do to brighten up your place is to paint it with a lighter color. However, before you go ahead and paint your walls and ceiling, you might want to contact your property manager and ask him if you can paint your apartment. If they’re adamant about not letting you paint, you can make them feel at ease by hiring a professional painter.

If they gave you a thumbs up, you could start by painting your ceiling first. Consider painting it white as this color would make your place seem broader and more prominent. Painting the walls with light green, yellow, or blue hues will make your room bigger and lighter, which is the opposite of painting your apartment with dark colors like brown and red. Also, these colors reflect a lot of natural light, so if you slightly lack it, you can amp it up with these colors.

Ceiling Fixtures

Aside from painting and using certain colors to make your room look and feel bigger, you can also try adding a ceiling fixture. Ceiling lights will direct attention to the ceiling, which gives your apartment the feeling of a more prominent place. Also, they give the illusion of the place being bigger than what it is.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can remove all the other light sources and rely alone on the ceiling lights. Ceiling lights can only act as a standalone source of artificial light if your place is abundant in natural light.

Only Use Light Bulbs that are Under 40 Watts

Using light bulbs over 40 watts is more applicable in places like the garage or your shed. However, since we are talking about the inside of the apartment, you will need light bulbs that are a little less bright to make your place seem more relaxed and cozy. Using energy-efficient light bulbs will even be better because of the savings you will get in the long term.

Try Using More Lamps

Try Using More Lamps

Many places suffer from a deficit of natural light because they don’t experience that many sunny days. This can take a toll on the people living in these areas as they can suffer from seasonal affective disorder. However, with the use of a mixture of lamps, you can avoid risking your health due to the lack of natural light.

Using table lamps and wall-mounted ones can significantly give your apartment a boost in lighting. You can try using a mixture of floor lamps and table lamps to give you more ambient lighting, especially if you use LED bulbs. One good thing to remember when choosing the right height of your table lamps is to make sure it is on your eye level when you are sitting beside it.

Try Incandescent Light

One way to make your apartment more inviting is to use incandescent light. They give off a soft yellow light, which makes your body more relaxed, promoting a longer and better quality of sleep. However, using blue light does the opposite because it suppresses the melatonin in your body that you need to sleep.

Use Mirrors

Placing a mirror in a room can promote more natural light because they reflect a lot of them. It will instantly make your room brighter and less dependent on artificial lighting. Also, it helps you save money by reducing your usage of lamps and other artificial light sources. If you are considering using mirrors, try using one that is wide and has a slim frame to maximize the light reflected while not taking up too much room.

Try Try Dimmer Switches

Try Dimmer Switches

Installing dimmer switches is easy and affordable. All you have to do is turn off the circuit breaker, remove the switch, check the wires using a voltage tester, install the dimmer switch, then screw them close. But, if you don’t want to be bothered with that, contact a professional.

Dimmers are a flexible way of lighting up your apartment. With dimmers, you can regulate the lighting in a room at your will and change the atmosphere. You could also use them to change the mood of the room instantly.


Living in an apartment that lacks natural lighting can affect you psychologically and physically. But you can avoid this by using lighting techniques that boost natural light or make up for the lack of it.  With the tips mentioned above, your dimly lit apartment will instantly turn into a well-lit place that is more welcoming and relaxing. Or you could also check out BMA for cozy and comfortable apartments.

Best Ways To Decorate Your Apartment On A Budget


Many people feel that apartment living is only designed to be a temporary situation and they avoid decorating their new home. They do not want to make a major investment into a space that will not be permanent. Unfortunately, they are missing out on a great opportunity to make their apartment feel warmer and more inviting. There are definitely a number of ways that you can invest in decorating your apartment on a budget, no matter how small. 

If you need a little inspiration for ways to spruce up your space, here are a few ideas:

Invest in Your Furniture

A great sofa or a unique coffee table might be all you need to create a space that expresses who you are. Large pieces of furniture like these tend to tie the space together and make it really feel like home. Choose pieces that speak to you, even if they are a little different than the current trends. Invest in timeless pieces that will always be in style. Look for high-quality furniture that can fit into the square footage you have allotted. 

Decorative Pillows

Best Ways To Decorate Your Apartment On A Budget, Beautiful modern living room
Beautiful modern living room

Decorative pillows are near the top of the list of things every adult should have in their living room. They add bold pops of colour and texture to your living space. To decorate like an expert interior designer, keep several sets of decorative pillows on hand. This allows you to change them out whenever the mood strikes you or when the occasion changes. 

Hang a Mirror

One of the most common complaints is that apartments feel smaller than single-family homes. You can combat this with one handy trick: hanging a mirror. A well-placed mirror gives the illusion that your space is double the size and creates more light. For the best effect, hang it somewhere in the apartment where it can reflect the natural light that filters in through your windows or sliding glass door. 

Experiment with Wall Art

Purchasing a piece of art from a gallery can be expensive, but there is no rule against creating your own masterpiece. A canvas can be purchased for just a few dollars from a local arts and crafts store. Add a little paint to create an abstract swirl of colours that will definitely stand out against your walls. You don’t have to be Picasso to create something beautiful that will introduce a little colour into your apartment. 

Experiment with Wall Art
Experiment with Wall Art

Interior Paint

Paint is one of the simplest and most effective ways to change the entire look and feel of your apartment. However, a quick trip to the local home improvement store demonstrates that there are lots of different options for your paint. You need to do a little research to find the right type of interior paint for your project and your budget. Be sure to ask the building manager if you’re allowed to paint your apartment walls before doing so.

Get a New Throw Rug

Throw rugs or area rugs really work double time to improve the appearance of your apartment and protect the floors beneath. Choose a rug that has a bold pattern, an extremely bright colour, or an interesting texture to liven up your apartment. The right area rug can really complete a room, especially when paired with your other pieces like sofas and coffee tables. 

Hang New Curtains

Many apartments come with blinds, but they do not have the same warmth and design that can come with window treatments. If you want to really dress up your apartment, consider investing in a few sets of curtains. Store-bought versions can be a little pricey, so you may want to investigate making your own. Even if you don’t sew, curtains can be made out of a bolt of fabric and fusible bonding web. The process is so easy, anyone can make curtains if they’re willing to spend an afternoon doing it. 

Green Thumb

Do you have a green thumb? Placing a few houseplants around your new apartment is an inexpensive way to add a little bit of colour. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can purchase some of the very popular succulents or other hardy species that do not need much care and attention. They don’t cost a lot and can make a huge impact on your space.

50 Tiny Apartment Storage and Shelving Ideas that actually work for anyone!

Small apartment could be a constraining living environment when not performed correcly. Nevertheless for those willing to go the extra mile and innovate, even tiniest apartment can feel spacious, cheerful and efficient. Creating this kind of efficient environment is all about smart blend of aesthetics and ergonomics. Having already shared with our readers some of the best small apartment family area and bedroom ideas, today we turn our attention towards shelving, storage and space-conscious units that have the prospect to completely help your home.

Metallic space-savvy shelving for the ultra-small apartment in white

Again, we steer clear of kitchen shelving and cabinets today as we previously given you a glimpse into the world of tiny apartment kitchens. From lounge entertainment units that multitask to bedrooms shelves and living area credenzas this can be phone smartest ideas all corners in the globe. Beyond just conjecture, they are storage and shelving ideas which have been actually found in contemporary living environments. Even when have a spacious home using a large living room, these ideas will come in over handy. Delver in and discover the top!

For the Small Living room

Small family room needs a careful balance between self storage and shelves as well as an open, charming ambiance that offers you a feeling of spaciousness. It’s smart to begin through the entertainment unit in the living room that will help tuck away all of the accessories, cables and everything else you may have in lying around. Inside the tiny living area with small space, a minimal-slung entertainment center along with the accent wall can be the point of interest in the room effortlessly.

Living room entertainment unit also contains space for tufted seatsLower level wooden cabinets combined with open wooden shelves for smart living room storage and displayMake sure that the smart bookshelf fits into the overall style of the small living roomRefurbished living space of Barcelona apartment with a smart, low-slung bookshelfTiny living room of the small Russian apartmentUnique wooden shelves connect the living area with the kitchen visually

Beyond the entertainment center, there are the bookshelves and open display units that can also be used to shape the functional accent wall in the living room. It is best to choose the wall closest to the corner and that is ‘out of the way’ in a sense to give the room a more spacious visual appeal.

White decor blends in with the backdrop creating a sense of spaciousnessWooden media unit stands out when placed before the whitewashed brick wallCorners turned into cabinets can save plenty of space in the small apartment

Think Smart and Go Vertical!

We are big fans of homes where shelving maximizes the vertical room on offer. This is a great way to take the pressure off the floor area in your already small apartment and this strategy works equally well in the bedroom, living room and dining area. A wall of open shelves filled with books, vases and accessories can also anchor the neutral clad room visually and you can ring in a host of colors without altering the style or theme of the space.

Go vertical when you want to save space in the small apartment!Slim and stylish bookshelf in white for he contemporary apartmentSlim wooden shelf next to the glass panels becomes a lovely display areaSmart space-saving solutions for the tiny apartmentWall of open shelves can hold pretty much anything you wish to showcaseWall of wooden shelves for the revamped Barcelona homeYellow and black floating shelves act as plant holders inside this budget friendly apartmentBlue cabinets mounted on the wall save square footage inside the small apartmentDelightful use of vertical space inside the small, urban apartmentFloating shelves coupled with a smart entertainment unit for the tiny living room

Space-Savvy Bedroom Shelving

Floating modular units are currently a favorite among homeowners as they help you in creating additional storage space whenever needed. If you fall on the messy side of the spectrum, then you can opt for closed floating cabinets in the bedroom to give it a more organized appeal. Those wanting to fashion a lovely display inevitably would pick the floating modular shelves that are shaped like a box or ones that are much simpler and sleek.

Bedroom corner turned into a tidy workstation using slim floating shelvesCreating space for the extensive shelf in the kids’ roomCustom cabinets in white for the bedroom blend in with the backdropMirrored wardrobes with space-savvy features bring cheerfulness to the small bedroom

In the small modern bedroom, cabinets and wardrobes that blend in with the walls and more or less disappear into the backdrop are almost a must. White and lighter shades of gray come in handy here along with custom cabinets that have a handle-less design. Wardrobes with mirrored doors also are a great way to brighten the tiny bedroom even while giving you a smart mirror in the corner!

Scandinavian style bedroom with a room divider that doubles as a cool displaySliding mirror conceals a large bookshelf behind itSmall bedroom of the apartment with shelving above the bedTiny bedside workstation with simple floating shelves above itWhite built-in cabinets for the tiny bedroom make a big differenceBed with storage space underneath comes in pretty handy!

Corners, Niches and Room Dividers

Yes, adding space-savvy shelving and cabinets in the tiny apartment is great. But what if you could double this advantage by maximizing the corner that is otherwise forgotten! Corner shelving and storage units come in a wide range of designs and you can choose from a host of diverse options – the slim, curvy floating shelves, the closed cabinet in the corner or the tall, lean shelf fitted with strip LED lighting; take your pick and notice the transformation.

Custom wooden shelf for the small urban apartment is a great space-saverEven a tiny nook can be turned into storage space inside the small apartmentMinimal and smart floating wooden shelves for the small dining areaSlim black bookshelf in the corner is a smart space-saverSmall fold-out work desk and dining space inside the small apartmentSpace above the kitchen area has been used to the hilt in this cat-friendly apartmentSteps to the loft turned into storage units inside the tiny apartmentTiny storage space underneath the bench inside the small apartmentUnassuming and minimal stand for both plants and booksBedroom corner is used to provide additional display and shelving options

Discover What Works for You

Finding the right smart shelving idea or storage unit for your modest apartment depends largely on both your chosen style and specific needs. In an open plan living area where you want to delineate space without hindering the flow of light, a glass partition with built-in book rack is a smart option. On other occasions a small stand that holds a plant and some books might be all you need. Vintage suitcases that are repainted and act as the coffee table, smart fold-out tables with niches that can hold stuff and benches with built-in storage – for the creative, the options are endless!

Multifunctional room divider works in more ways than oneRoom divider also acts as a book stand inside this tiny apartmentShelving inside vintage tiny industrial loftTurn the wooden partitions in shelves for multi-tasking easeVintage suitcases used both as storage space and a stand inside this tiny industrial style apartmentWood and metal corner shelving for the small living roomWooden cabinets and wardrobes for the small, space-conscious apartmentEven the kitchen island can be turned into a display in the small apartmentInnovative apartment turns even doors into shelving space!Moving wall with shelves inside the ultra-tiny apartment

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