Wanna see the latest short hair color ideas? We have collected best images of 20 Short Hair Colours that you may want to try any time soon! Biggest hair color trend of this year was ombre hair color technique and natural hair color shades also pastel and rainbow hair colors are very popular among younger ladies with short haircut. Check our gallery and find out latest hair color ideas that we have chosen!

1. Short Hair with Highlights

Here is the best example of short hairstyle with natural shades of brond (brown and blonde),

Short Hair Colours

2. Pink Short Hair

Pastel pink hair color would look great with bob hairstyles.

Color for Short Hair

3. Pastel Hair Color Short Hair

Here is another pastel hair color idea, this middle parted bob hair is messy and wavy.

Colored Short Hair

4. Oil Slick Hair Color

This pixie cut with wind swept bangs slightly highlighted with red hair color.

Short Hair Colour Ideas

5. Vanessa Hudgens Short Hair

Here is a nice platinum bob hairstyle styled into cute waves.

Short Hair Colour

6. Short Dark Ombre Hair

If you have dark and thick hair this ombre bob hairstyle will be your guide to the perfect look.

Short Hair Colours-6

7. Funky Hairstyle

Funky and edgy platinum blonde pixie styles are also great for younger ladies.

Short Hair Colours-7

8. White Blonde

Short Hair Colours-8

9. Grey Hair Color

Her wavy bob hair and gray hair color is a great match to achieve stylish look!

Short Hair Colours-9

10. Blonde Balayage Short Hair

This messy ombre bob hairstyle has some lighter shades of blonde and this gives a nice and chic look.

Short Hair Colours-10

11. Lovely Blonde

Her honey blonde bob hairstyle is styled into vintage waves.

Short Hair Colours-11

12. Ombre Hair Short Hair

Here is another ombre hair color for bob hairstyles.

Short Hair Colours-12

13. Two Colored

Multiple colored short hairstyles are also preferred by younger women.

Short Hair Colours-13

14. Baby Blonde

Her layered bob hairstyle and baby blonde hair color looks chic and cute.

Short Hair Colours-14

15. Black Women

Here is a great hairstyle and hair color to flatter black womens facial features.

Short Hair Colours-15

16. Popular Color

This messy pixie with strawberry blonde hair color is cute, messy and stylish.

Short Hair Colours-16

17. Bright Green

Short Hair Colours-17

18. Copper

Copper pixie hairstyles are great for girls with pale skin and green eyes.

Short Hair Colours-18

19. Pastel Blue

Pixie cuts can be dyed with pastel blue colors to create unique look.

Short Hair Colours-19

20. Julianne Hough

Her blonde bob hairstyle styled into an updo, frontal layers nicely emphasize her facial features.

Short Hair Colours-20



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