5 diy brick and faux brick backsplashes cover

Brick is a extremely trendy materials now, and you can see brick accent walls, hearths and other brick information in many properties. Include this slight touch of industrial fashion to your kitchen creating a brick backsplash. Why to choose brick as a backsplash material? It is amazingly sensible! You can wash it as numerous instances as you require, it is sturdy and cheap in case you wanna modify it. Faux brick is also a wonderful concept incase you want to adhere to the trends but don’t want install the real brick. To match your kitchen design you can paint it, whitewash it or depart raw. Study the tutorials under and choose!

DIY raw brick backsplash

DIY raw brick backsplash (via https:)

DIY brick backsplash installation

DIY brick backsplash set up (through diynetwork)


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