Hotel Adriatic was the brainchild of Studio 3LHD and interior designer Franic Sekoranja as an experimental task in which to bring to fruition new design and style horizons. The luxury idea derives simultaneously from the cultural component and the hotel’s harmonious balance of colours and shapes evoking an intimate and timeless ambiance which takes diverse kinds in each and every of the hotel’s distinct spaces. Each region has its identity, in fact, and the intense colors of the typical locations slowly fade to pastel in its 18 suites.





All its large rooms are predominantly pale colored to contrast with their black furniture, an incredibly stylish combination which continues in the geometric fashion bathrooms. In stark contrast to the luminosity of the white marble walls, slender anthracite aspects and shapes stand out. Of these, it is Antrax It’s Tubone radiators which embody the building’s eclectic type to perfection. Crucial and linear, simple and functional the Tubone version utilized at Hotel Adriatic is the two and three paired components model, a answer which outlines an emphatic and decorative type which echoes the hotel’s other parts, always paired up, in service spaces.




Made by Andrea Crosetta, Tubone can be installed both vertically or horizontally and is made up of an oval ring created with a six cm diameter tube. It is available in a lot more than 200 colours and, in the electrical model, can also be supplemented by a chrome result towel rail manage which permits a heated towel rail perform to be extra even in little spaces.




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