We all have people spots all around our residence that we never ever really get around to decorating due to the fact they are so out in the open or so oddly configured that we get stumped about what to do with them.  I’ve identified examples of what some of people problems spots may well be and some prospective solutions.  Enjoy!

In front of tall windows:  What a wonderful dilemma to have!  I would definitely include some green in the form of residence plants.  Also, select furnishings that won’t obstruct the normal light coming by means of, this kind of as a bench with skinny legs, or make a studying nook total of abundant organic light by incorporating an upholstered chair with a narrow profile.

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A small or non-existent landing: This is my problem.  I have a rancher and my front door literally just opens up in the middle of my residing area. A good tip that I would by no means heard prior to is to hang a gallery wall to define a foyer.  “As an alternative of placing your pictures and artwork sporadically around the room, cluster them with each other.  This move deliberately defines a wall as your entry, sectioning it off from the rest of an open layout” – Good Housekeeping.  Genius!  Also, piles close to the door are a fact of lifestyle (particularly when you live with a husband like mine.)  A tiny console for mail and keys (a narrow shelf is also a great way to keep floorspace free!) is a must.  A basket for sneakers is also a good thought.

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Below a staircase: Don’t waste this treasured, precious area.  I experimented with to locate some suggestions that will not need you employ a carpenter and shell out a little fortune for some custom cabinets, etc.  The over is possibly developed in, but you can discover a desk that fits nicely under the stairs, and then use the wall room to hang additional shelves – floating shelves are inexpensive, or employ the wall as a gallery wall!

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Behind the sofa:  Maybe this 1 is a bit apparent – but it really is a fun and easy spot to freshen up.  I feel a sofa table is a fantastic chance to display off a collection. Have some new family pics printed and organize the frames on a narrow sofa table.  Or, collect small souvenirs from your travels and display them as a conversation-commencing assortment!

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Tiny kitchen wall or corner:  Install shelves that will fit and use them as a spot to show your prettiest dishes or cool kitchen gadgets.

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What spots about your home have you stumped?  What spots have you come up with clever solutions for?


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