There are 3 main classes for the parquet flooring: solid wood, coated and laminated. As the title implies, the 1st flooring from strong wood is developed, the second way is lined with a layer of sound wood on the plywood and laminate floor represents an artificial wood surface with a protective layer. Reliable parquet has a regular thickness of 1.5 cm. The parquet flooring from real wood &#8220matures&#8221 in the program of time and receives a yet more gorgeous appearance. In our right now&#8217s article want to we take care of the contemporary hardwood floors that meet not only the demands of the consumers, but also comply with all requirements and demands of environmental safety and human well being.

Bamboo flooring flooring light pattern modern living room

If it is currently in the shop, typically facing the agony of choice. In most outlets you will discover parquet flooring from standard European wood species: oak, beech, walnut, cherry, lime, pine, maple, ash. All-natural design, give it a normal look and comfort your interior and give your rooms-new dimensions. Recently the exotic parquet has turn out to be non-European species of wood flooring quite contemporary: Eucalyptus, Merbau, Doucet, Formosa, teak, Jatoba, Zebrano, mahogany. In addition, in the stores, there are exotic flooring, taken care of with special paint: American walnut, Brazilian cherry, ebony and other exciting exotic wood species.

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Of program, the parquet flooring have to be resistant to scratches. This depends on the hardness of the wood: each species has a various density and durability. The planks can be abraded based on the thickness and depth of the scratch time 3-5. The bestseller on the parquet floors is this Canadian and sycamore, oak in all shades: normal, golden, smoked, and also the walnut parquet. The 3 layer parquet floors are polished operate. The painting for the parquet flooring, there are two choices: PERMADUR (acrylic-based) and biotech (based on organic oils and waxes).

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Exotic floors are produced according to the demands of the marketplace in the European nations, the United States and Canada in accordance to Western requirements. Its length is among .60 and 1.20 metres and thickness are generally 15 to 19 mm. Throughout the set up, it is important to steer clear of tensions that can arise due to their length. African wood displays a wealth of shades, from the light to the darkest shades, which increases the curiosity in him. Other rewards that brings the parquet flooring produced of African wood with it, are his good physical and mechanical properties.

color pattern wooden parquet flooring Bedroom design dark

Although the bamboo is not a actual tree, which is also quite well-known parquet flooring produced of bamboo. In addition to its natural beauty, it is favored since of its substantial technical functionality. It is resistant to moisture, constant pressure, mechanical injury and wine stains ink, and so on. In addition, the Bamboo flooring can be very easily cleaned. The buyer can pick amongst dark (carbon-containing) and choose light bamboo that appropriately shiny polished or matte look. Is still factory coated parquet flooring created of bamboo and the consumer will get it ready for installation. It is very simple to install and needs no even more grinding and polishing.

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Dark flooring living room rustic sofa wooden parquet vintage

Graywood parquet living room white sofa Fireplace

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Kitchen Parquet vintage style interiors Iceland Brown

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Mahogany Red Brown parquet floor fireplace cozy

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Warm atmosphere living design parquet wood dining

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