January 2, 2016   Kids Area Ideaas  

Live in the combine of styles has grow to be the trend, because you can give personal character of the apartment and objects with emotional worth can’t need to be separate. Courageously and with taste furnishings and objects from diverse eras and types can be combined. So the ultimate design and style is not chaotic and confused, but a cozy harmony, to search for when picking on some odds and ends.

Style mix concrete living furnishings Studio wall rough mirror-skin rug Chesterfield sofa

The little apartment, approximately 50 square metres in dimension, is located in the mezzanine, which is why two levels can be easily kind. Little entrance invites you to the open living space and few steps lead upwards to the alcove. The different areas are masterfully optically separated – by colour, fashion and resources. Set up and layout in the mix of designs, it is specially crucial that each element finds his ‘partner’ in the area. This signifies that every single component in an additional ought to discovered that type comes from the exact same era, the identical culture or the same color family. This prevents the jumbled mess and the kitsch.

Style mix living furnishings studio bath sink mirror round concrete

The design of this 1-area apartment refers to these rules and attained a comfortable environment, where the personal touch is evident. The apartment is developed for youthful couple developed, which is lively in the style market and collect small toy figures and Legos. These two factors have been crucial for the design of the little apartment. Designer furnishings and the unusual collection are at the center of the room. The Chesterfield combines sofa in brown leather with the fur carpet Center in the living space, the wood is employed as flooring in the first and 2nd ranges and gives cosy apartment decorated in grey Hach otherwise.

Live mix of styles means studio kitchenette sink black granite

Color you can refer to the grey and can be discovered in several optics. The walls are completely decorated in grey – on the a single hand created of rough concrete and on the other hand as a painting from the wall which presents the excellent collection. Mirror and frame in the Baroque fashion contrast type up to the concrete wall and “mirror” in the wall which is decorated with stucco-like elements. The kitchen and the stairs to the bedroom and reception location are fully black and indirectly illuminated. In contrast to and as a reference to the collection of playful character, the tiling is offered with modular pattern in shades of pink.

Style mix living furnishings studio entrance concrete tile pattern 3d effect

The sleeping area is quite diminished – mattress and niche with storage space, as properly as bedside lamps. An opaque curtain in grey separates the small bedroom and guarantees more Privacy. Nevertheless at the entrance is the moist space – tiny bathroom with shower and kitchenette with counter tops made of black granite.
Each and every design and style component must be found in the other. So the modular tiles meet the playful nature of the toy collection, the gray wall concrete, the ranges of the amounts in the apartment.

Style mix living furnishings studio concrete hallway bathroom tile pattern

The little bathroom was partly by piece wall and partly separated from the residing area of mirror glass. Mirror glass is a design trick specially in confined space scenarios – it lets via light, but remains on the 1 hand fully opaque, but with a mirrored surface.

Live mix of styles means studio view upper living level wooden floor room wall concrete wall rough

Style mix living furnishings studio concrete wall rough skin rug chesterfield sofa brown

Style mix living furnishings studio hallway include concrete tiles room wall

Style mix living furnishings Studio living area living wall collection lego toys

Style mix living furnishings studio living room gradually chesterfield sofa brown leather concrete grey

Style mix living furnishings studio living room sink kitchenette gray

Style mix living furnishings studio sleeping area floorboards niche curtains


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