On This occasion, we want to demonstrate you two ideas based mostly on the exact same principle to decorate a little apartment. It is as you can see decorate utilizing principal colours, red and blue, one particular in each and every apartment. The major colors are vivid, attractive and pose a challenge to use them in decoration but as you can see the result we can far more than offset the effort.

red and blue home decor fabric

The first proposal is designed on an apartment of only 56 square meters and is the operate of designer Nika Vorotyntseva. The total fund of the apartment is neutral, white, wood and black make up the canvas on Red notes stand out Which, stand out and give coherence to the complete. To add a tiny a lot more contrast You have resorted to this lovely carpet with Style of PIN That Provides texture and very well Also joint With the zigzag of the sofa Red lamp cord.

red blue and yellow home decor

The sofa-poof is not only eye-catching but also comfy terribly. A maganifica piece to lie down to study or pay attention to music comfortably. Storage space is integrated out of sight and for the MOST portion. The tiny Hall opens to the residing room with each other forming a massive and pleasant space for newcomers. The kitchen is not entirely separated We have a radiator in red on a black wall. Kitchen is so perfectly integrated into the single space.

red white &amp blue home decorating ideas

The very same resource is nevertheless in the bedroom, here predominate neutral tones to produce a pleasant and soothing, but we Also have a radiator network. And behind the doors of wood we uncover bathroom with a mosaic in red Which we even now interacting With the rest of the Residence. The same designer, Nika Vorotyntseva, has decorated this apartment of 67 square meters, Current making use of a main shade. On This event it was blue and the outcome can not be a lot more different.

red white and blue home decor

Unlike the prior apartment Right here you have-been to generate distinct spaces. The blue wall delimits the deprived areas of the widespread border forming an interesting. The dining table Requires advantage of a pipe That has-been painted Orange and employed a wheelchair of the identical shade, to develop a stunning result. The entrance to the apartment is made by the kitchen Exactly where a tiny area Serves as receiver and to park the bike.

Small apartments decorated in red and blue (1)

The bedroom is located behind the blue wall and has a gray curtain That opens the area to the other element of the apartment. Cement and wood are the main components That has-been prepared bed and the rest of the bedroom. A small perform spot Provides Way to private bathroom decorated in Orange. Note the Unique painting of the concrete wall, Individuals drippings of paint blue give a present day and casual air That is youthful and transitiveness.

red and blue home decor

Small apartments decorated in red and blue (2)

Small apartments decorated in red and blue (3)

Small apartments decorated in red and blue (4)

Small apartments decorated in red and blue (5)

Small apartments decorated in red and blue (6)

Small apartments decorated in red and blue


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