For lovers of nature, a idea inspired by the layout of this custom, and, of program, depending on your personalized preferences-can BE the ideal choice for &#8220home&#8221.


Presented  apartment in photographs is Found in Stockholm, Sweden. It occupies location of ​​about 87 square meters and is Divided into 12 months three rooms (residing room with kitchen and dining location, plus two bedrooms).

However at initial glance, the arrangement of the dwelling is distinguished by year augmented Scandinavian layout function, namely the chromatic predominance of whites. Which Empowering each other with light penetrates in abundance via wide windows (best for the cold climate of the area), this non-colour threatens to &#8220swallow&#8221 every little thing-from the walls, the furnishings and decoration. The interior style of the House ITself Gets to be a seamless extension of the landscape Outside, standard winter.

Interestingly, though the décor is shaping up for the time getting, as a ideal image of the winter, it CAN BE very easily adapted to other seasons. In the existing case, for example, a neutral backdrop, black and white, cleverly Has &#8220scattered&#8221 That anticipates the elements coming of spring, the season of rebirth: multicolored flowers and plants, photographs of butterflies, with floral wallpaper, rattan wicker chairs in the dining area, and so on. The paintings and decorations have crucial year in shaping persona Employed rolls, but Also the &#8220mood&#8221 of the House and, implicitly, of STI occupants.












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