Japanese designer Wataru Kumano has transformed an old confectionary warehouse into a sweet store that prepares and serves only 1 sort of sugary treat (+ slideshow).

Shibafune-Koide by Wataru Kumano

Positioned in Kanazawa, the shop is the 2nd retail room for century-outdated Japanese confectioner Shibafune-Koide, and is situated inside of a building once used for manufacturing.

Shibafune-Koide by Wataru Kumano

Even though the first store serves a wide variety of sweet products, this new branch will only promote Monaka – a Japanese candy produced of jam filling sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers.

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“From the starting, we made a decision to use the outdated factory space, since Shibafune-koide has a new factory in one more area,” mentioned Kumano.

“We manufactured a new facade on the old factory wall, and put a new box within the space.”

Shibafune-Koide by Wataru Kumano

Kumano previously collaborated with British designer Jasper Morrison on the design of a self-assembly chair. For this task, he teamed up with graphic designer Hiromura Masaaki.

Shibafune-Koide by Wataru Kumano

The designers opted for simple resources for the interior. Translucent polycarbonate sheets and plasterboard have been employed to create walls with various opacity.

Shibafune-Koide by Wataru Kumano

A kitchen and funds desk at the back of the space are visible by means of holes in a wooden wall. Right here, buyers can decide on their flavour of Monaka and watch it currently being manufactured by on-web site patisserie chefs.

Shibafune-Koide by Wataru Kumano

They can then sit down to eat at a series of custom-developed wooden tables and stools.

Shibafune-Koide by Wataru Kumano

Architect Yuko Nagayama also just lately created a cafe-cum-sweet store in Japan, which was created to seem like two separate buildings with a tree sandwiched in the middle.

Photography is by Sohei Oya.

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