Do you have old furniture at home? Maybe some of these are already quite damaged, but they don’t want to throw them out. Because they feel that they would fit somewhere well at home. You need to cover only their damaged bodies. Still you want to do maybe something, seamlessly register this furniture in the theme of a particular room. In this case, the technique with the special paper can help you much further. It is very simple and gives a lot of freedom. You look at down our ideas and if you like them, then you hesitate not to realize your own ideas.

cabinet with a luxurious look

Here are the materials you need: the selected abrasive paper, glue and a little water. Here are a few ideas. You could inspire them to your own, very successful projects.

alternative application of wall wallpaper

The first example combines the charm of the ancient and the industrialist. The rough and the Red are dominant. These characteristics determine the nature of the Cabinet, as well as a brick wall. However, adding all accessories some floral, floating and close to nature in the game. To reinforce this sentiment inside the ambience, you chose probably precisely this kind of paper with stamps. It shows a blue background. It contrasts with the dominant red and corresponds with the accessories.

Apply furniture refresh wall wallpaper

Then it continues with a shelf wall, whose background is covered using paper with green-and white patterns. Floral prevail motives here.They brought paper of similar character also in the other room. This time, it happens on a larger area.The next examples show how you can spread at home by patterned wallpaper a pretty cheerful mood. In the first case, you have a wardrobe, which is covered with wallpaper with triangle patterns.Then you have an antique Cabinet, whose background was embellished using blue, covered with floral patterns wallpaper

beautiful dekorieret drawers with paper

Contrasts and interplay with themes and ideas show also all further images from our selection. The principles of application of patterned wallpaper are so easy and you can reach so much but this!
fascinating cupboard great decorating ideas

great diy ideas with wall wallpaper

great regal colored funny

old furniture decorate great ideas

vitrine wall decorating with wallpaper

wall decoration wallpaper pattern with fresh furniture

wall wallpaper application ideev table

wall wallpaper cool wardrobe suggestions

wall wallpaper dekodeen furniture vitrine

wall wallpaper impressive decoration idea for furniture

wall wallpaper embellish furniture ideas

wall wallpaper furniture decorate great voeschläge

wall wallpaper alternative application great ideas

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