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What terms would you actually describe the perfect time for Christmas and new year’s Eve? We would say such a thing: eccentric, Moody, luxurious! So what can offer you a journey to Dubai. If so want to travel to Dubai for new year’s Eve, you would have great, unforgettable experiences.

travel to dubai

Through your journey to Dubai, you will discover unique places such as for example super luxurious hotel star hotel upmarket.If you are a man who has traveled much, then the following will come as no surprise. You are probably realised that travelling to Dubai is so popular only in recent years. That’s why there are so many undiscovered attractions. It certainly worth to visit and to discover for themselves.

beautiful holiday destinations travel to dubai ideas

Only three decades it took to turn Dubai into an extremely popular holiday destination. Here you can meet some of the wealthiest people of the East, but also of the West. Everything a symbol of luxury and modern in terms of architecture and new technologies was in the otherwise desert-like region. Without a doubt, staying in this city alone and the long Shopping tours can represent unique experiences. But if you want to immerse deeper into the culture of this country, there are certainly many other possibilities. Let’s start with Dunbai Creek. It is a channel which goes out from the sea. He divides the city into two. A great mix of super modern and historic buildings can be seen from here.

beleiebteste holiday destinations dubai round trip

This place is super popular among people travelling to Dubai. Again, it has very many old historical houses and wonderful restaurants. Here it is right, if you want to get to know the traditions of the local cuisine.

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How can one imagine a luxury and upscale modern culture without the representative value of the artworks? In Al Fahidi Fort placed it. This represents a historical landmark, which was built for protection against pirates. The most exciting here are the representations of everyday life of the Bedouins.

dubai dubai museum about traveling schäne holiday destinations

We were already to talk that this is especially very important and unique to each trip to Dubai. Here you can be wonderful gold jewelry, buy other luxury fabrics and textiles. We recommend specific to buy spices typical for the region. You are here in wonderful quality and unique taste.

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Retail Trade Inside Dubai's Gold Souk

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Burj Khalifa (Dusk) Panorama

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