You see, THIS is exactly why I have to steer clear of thrift shops and estate outlets. I feel that it&#8217s actually extremely hard for me to walk by means of a secondhand keep and not bring some bad, dejected piece of furnishings home to repurpose. Take this unassuming plant stand, for example—did I need to have a new plant stand? Not particularly. But did it want me? I think so.

The thought was actually born from this Yellow Brick Property Instagram. I don’t forget taking a display shot of the photograph on my phone because the plant stand was just to die for, and I had each and every intention of adding said prepared-produced planter to my wish list. But then I saw the \$15 thrift keep stand under and the wheels right away started out turning&#8230

Thrifted-Rebuilt-Plant Stand-02Twofer_No-Box1

Could it genuinely operate? Could I correct it up, take away the planter box and include a rather white pot in its spot to give the stand an up to date appear for \$? The concept was too tempting to ignore—especially soon after finding out that the ready-manufactured planter expense upwards of \$150 retail. So into my arms the budget-pleasant planter went and I carted it all the way home to my studio for refinishing.

Thrifted-Rebuilt-Plant Stand-07Thrifted-Rebuilt-Plant Stand-08


The first purchase of enterprise was to reinforce the joints with new glue. I grabbed a bottle of wood glue and gently squeezed out a line of the adhesive appropriate more than the gap in the joint, and then allow it sit for about 30 seconds to give it time to seep down into the crack. Then I employed my finger to push a bit a lot more down into the gap and wiped off the excess with a damp cloth. To finish, I employed two rubber-capped clamps to hold the joint collectively for 12 hrs overnight. Then, I repeated the measures on the 2nd, third and, ultimately, the fourth joint.

Thrifted-Rebuilt-Plant Stand-10

Thrifted-Rebuilt-Plant Stand-11I also replaced the two ancient rusted screws that held the stand collectively with fresh new ones. When all was explained and carried out, the stand felt infinitely more sturdy. I even now have a bit of refinishing perform to do on the stand&#8217s wood finish—I&#8217m considering a good sanding and new coat of paint or stain would do wonders—and I also might try out to uncover a pot that better fits the diameter of the stand itself. All in due time however. Tax season has wiped me out this month, so I&#8217m thrilled to continue operating solely with what I have to give our space some character and 1-of-a-variety flair.

As for the discarded planter box? Don&#8217t fret. I&#8217ve acquired massive ideas for that piece, as well, and I&#8217m thrilled to say that that venture won&#8217t expense me a dime either.


The moral of the story? Think creatively when buying thrift and estate shops and analyze the silhouettes of low-cost furniture to see if you can tweak them to suit your taste and your fashion. You really never ever know what you&#8217ll discover, but I feel it&#8217s secure to say that you&#8217ll constantly save funds in the extended run. Oh, and the satisfaction of getting the appear on-spending budget? Properly, that&#8217s just priceless&#8230

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