I&#8217m constantly on the prowl for new art to fall in really like with. We are exposed to so much these days, aren&#8217t we? When I was a kid, I saw art in some magazines, in college books and throughout any exhibitions that rolled into town at the regional museum. I bear in mind seeing it in films in artwork class. Possibly you were fortunate ample to dwell close to artists and received to view them paint in their studios &#8211 my mom painted and my aunt was a fine artist, so I was fortunate to have artists in my family. These days, we all have a chance to see artwork from all more than the planet simply by sitting just before a check and jumping on the internet. What a lucky bunch we are.



I enjoy these performs over, in truth everything that you see (and a lot more) is offered on the Buy Some Damn Art website with performs by Dana Robinson, Lauren George, Polly Shindler, Kayleigh Fichten, Sofia Arnold, Wendi Turchan and a lot more. So go on, go acquire some damn art!

(photos: go buy some damn art)



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