The Shaggy carpet: a actual attraction in the area!

November 15, 2015   Little ones Space Ideaas  

Are you familiar with the shaggy carpet? This is a beautiful kind of carpet, which was specially common and popular in the 70s. For the duration of this time, several tenants made their residing area with Shaggy rugs. Men and women were huge followers of it, because the shaggy carpet took comfort in the property.

Shaggy carpet beautiful large windows

Today, this carpet model is favored by several tenants. What tends to make it unique, is the lower density of the yarn Tufts. It tends to make the carpet quite airy. The quite a few personal yarns lie in various directions and give a funny and at the same time charming seem to the carpet.

Shaggy carpet beautiful model white design

The title of the carpet is obviously not accidental. He comes from the English word “shaggy”, which is translated into the German as ragged. So, great shaggy rugs are now seeing. :) We want to show you why the shaggy rug as something unique is regarded. Consider a appear at the photos and be seduced by the attractiveness of the versions!

Shaggy carpet a cat super beautiful design

Shaggy carpet beautiful white design

Shaggy carpet beige color

Shaggy carpet blue color looks great

Shaggy carpet brown outfit

Shaggy carpet cozy ambience living 600 x 448

Shaggy carpet cozy ambience

Shaggy carpet graune color super beautiful appearance

Shaggy carpet gray model

Shaggy carpet great blue design model

Shaggy carpet great model elegant sofa

Shaggy carpet great Scandinavian design

Shaggy carpet great super model design

Shaggy carpet great white color appearance

Shaggy carpet green color

Shaggy carpet interesting shape

Shaggy carpet look traditional

Shaggy carpet modern rooms are brightly decorated

Shaggy carpet modern rooms super great design

Shaggy carpet on a dog

Shaggy carpet photo taken from above

Shaggy carpet red elegant design

Shaggy carpet red lovely model

Shaggy carpet round shape

Shaggy carpet super great features

Shaggy carpet unique design blue color

Shaggy carpet very elegant décor

Shaggy carpet white room with large windows

Shaggy carpet white sofa and modern carpet

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