The DIY Equivalent To “More Cowbell”


Do you don’t forget the &#8220More Cowbell&#8221 skit from SNL? If there was an equivalent to developing items with wood, it occurred to me in excess of the weekend. I acquired a fever, and the only prescription was a lot more constructing.

screw organization

Right after making an attempt in vain to locate adequate room in my garage to make enough progress on my laundry room shelves Friday evening, I went to bed in a huff. A one auto garage is just not a good deal of space to move close to in, and I&#8217ve completely misused most of its square footage into a disorganized, cluttered mess. As a outcome, all night long, I tossed and turned whilst DIY ideas danced in my head. I woke up uncharacteristically early just to create them all down.


I almost certainly took about five journeys total to Lowe&#8217s and Home Depot over the weekend. It seems that even with programs and a measuring tape in hand, my DIY type is to buy components, alter my mind on a couple of, return individuals resources even though choosing up things I forgot and acquire other resources for the adjust of ideas, and then repeat ad nauseam until Sunday evening. But let&#8217s separate each undertaking out to give you a hint at what&#8217s to come:

one. Laundry room shelves

The damn shelves in the laundry area have been a total bear. The walls aren&#8217t square, the back wall proportions are all off, they are almost 70 inches lengthy each, and I&#8217m generating issues difficult by insisting on producing some of the thinnest floating shelves feasible while nevertheless offering a lot of help (am I the only one who isn&#8217t a fan of the super chunky shelves all above Pinterest? Every single time I spy a single that&#8217s a minor also thick I consider, &#8220HULK Create SHELVES!&#8221).

Needless to say, it&#8217s been an experiment that needs a number of attempts with every single stage right up until I get it proper.

By the time I additional supports for the top shelf, I managed to get them secure, sturdy, level-ish (nevertheless accounting for the other powerful angles in the area that would make a perfectly level shelf seem off-kilter), and ready for their finishing specifics. And all with no breaking the tile perform I did along the back wall (even if it meant gouging the wall a small, as you can see in the under pic). I&#8217ll have a reveal for these coming up, but initial I&#8217ll be sharing numerous tiny tutorials relevant to solving the numerous concerns I ran into along the way.

2. Office venture

I decided that some extra organization in the office could be achieved with just a few pieces of wood, so I created some image ledges to rest behind the door using my Kreg Jig. They need to have to be painted and set up on the wall, but for around \$10 per shelf, I&#8217m going to be ready to use some typically-overlooked room in the space. What I prepare on storing on them is a bit unusual, so stay tuned for that reveal coming later on this week!

three. Garage organization

I&#8217m only going to hint at this one for now, but feel me when I say that it is going to be amazing. Virtually everything I find on Pinterest for garage/workshop concepts are for folks with the luxury of at least two cars well worth of space, so I&#8217m established to show how I&#8217m going to make it work with only 10 feet!

My SUV acquired wood.

Happy Monday! What did you get yourself into in excess of the weekend?

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