A red and a green terrace, which bring home the warmth of nature In today’s article, we want to show you how to do a similar feeling by two very different approaches. Since today we have two areas that are dominated by both the red and green color. But both lead to a great inner harmony and a feeling of being close to nature.

green deco ideas houseplants terrace design wooden kitchen dining area

Here they are. See for whether we have right in our estimation!In the first picture, the Red not only of the cabinets is present. Through the dark shaded, warm wood trim, it seems to go through all the details. Everywhere, where the reddish highlights remain otherwise discreet, are now very strong. Have you noticed the strong effect of red flowers in the two large containers of plants in the right part of the image? And how great is the number with the decorative tiles on the back, don’t you? Also the small decorative items in the shelf and the red colours in the screen seem to stand out anymore. The grey and green accents are almost desperately here, so that you don’t burn in this red “fire”!

make glazed houseplants green deco exterior decking ideas kitchen

Here you can see the longer perspective of the same room. It is apparently an open floor plan, dining room and kitchen combined. The same thing has been said before, is also here. The wooden bench on the side has got a red upholstery. The flowers in the basket-like flower container on the table have been also carried out in one of the bright shades of red. The whole thing is dynamic, extremely rustic by materials, and as a result close to nature.

terrace design ideas color design green home color containerized plants

The green in the next image is just as overwhelming as the red. Apparently you decided so, to leave that has been effect in places an ombre dominate this shading. You did this in the case of the green plant container. You have been carried out in a consumed mixed with blue shade of green. It appears brighter than the leaves.

terrace design ideas color design color green home indoor plants flower pots

The remaining colors that are found here are mainly different shades of Brown, grey, light grey and white. Here, the equipment as shown in the picture is before very close to nature. But this time it’s not like on the land, but like in the forest.

terrace design ideas color design green home color houseplants plan

terrace design ideas color design green wall vertical garden








terrace design ideas color design color green home indoor plants flower pot

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