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Routinely come new and new trends in the planet, bringing sustainable building to a total new level. Also the way of residing changed it often so considerably that things arise that you previously not suspected.

sustainable building eco ecocapsule residential capsule

These days, it is about the operate of young architects from the Slovakia, who is studying in Great. The passion led him to sustainable creating to create the so-referred to as eco capsule.

The thought came up while he ready sprout society on the worldwide event Andes. He had set himself as a target to produce little residing spaces with a extremely ornate character. The thought is truly not really good prevailed at the event… Nonetheless, we located the concept very fascinating and remarkable, and would like to introduce these.

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The eco capsules one and 2

Sustainable constructing is represented in this venture in a quite basic kind. Somehow can be poor the concept at very first glance the phrase architecture in combination. The eco-capsule appears far more like an natural core. The eco – capsules are versions of two truly. The initial brought the design and style of the ‘envelope’ to the planet and the technical equipment came then with the second variant.

sustainable building eco living capsule eco capsule

Self-sufficiency in vitality

Sustainable constructing right now implies the potential of a house or a developing, to recapitalize itself with vitality in the 1st area. This capability was completely adopted by the designer of eco-capsule. The “House” generates solar energy. It is collected in a super battery and then consumed in the tiny-sized household.

At the very same time, specific bacteria contained in the surface of the capsule. You can convert the rain water in potable water with a good results by nearly 99%. Sustainable constructing can make a lot more sense also dealing with the waste. In our case it has triggered by means of modern implies for the constraint by his manufacturing. To process the waste by specific program with burning. Thus it assures the production of power.

Sustainable building ecocapsule eco house


They require to develop not always a new house when they move. This aspect also contributes to sustainability. The capsule can effortlessly be transmitted and will be positioned in the funniest places…

Sustainable building ecocapsule bed shelves storage space

Sustainable building ecocapsule off the grid

Sustainable building ecocapsule pinwheel solar energy

sustainable building eco-friendly renewable energy

Sustainable building land ecocapsule eco

Sustainable building ökokapsel apartment off the grid

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