It occurred to me nowadays as I was filling up however yet another wheelbarrow total of mulch that I have been sharing some other gardening news on Instagram, but haven&#8217t yet shared it on right here.

lilac hydrangea

My hydrangeas are back, and they&#8217re basically the prettiest issues I very own. Even prettier than Charlie, but that&#8217s since she jumped my fence this morning and I&#8217m mad at her, so she seems like problems to me instead (sort of like when she climbed on my roof).

lilac hydrangeas

All of the pine straw appears to be operating its magic on generating all of them bluer than final yr&#8217s blooms (which I nonetheless loved), but I couldn&#8217t be happier. Green ones are my favored colour of hydrangea, but I haven&#8217t experimented with planting any of individuals yet. The blue ones still kick ass, although:

blue hydrangea

Also, minor identified truth: if you publish a image of blue hydrangeas, purple hydrangeas, or pink hydrangeas on Instagram, people will immediately inform you how to make them not that colour. Add sulfur! Add egg shells! Include coffee grounds! Add your toenail clippings! Okay, that last a single was fake and also gross, but you get the level. It&#8217s sort of like every person telling you why you&#8217re so sleepy on Thanksgiving, but rather of there currently being one purpose you&#8217re in a food coma, there are 6 various ways to get there.


I consider at this level, I am 110% covered on how to carry out a specific colour on hydrangeas, but what I haven&#8217t experimented with however is propagating them. I intend to do that subsequent (because who wouldn&#8217t want even much more pictures to share of a lot more hydrangeas and get even a lot more suggestions about how to make them blue?), so I&#8217m nevertheless taking guidance on that front. Especially after my historical past of killing something that grows from a seedling.

blue and white hydrangea

There are other flowers blooming all over my yard, so there is a good deal of color going on all over the place.


Ahem&#8230 not a great deal of weeding going on, however.


But, for this weekend, I think I&#8217ll just stare a minor longer at these beauties and remind myself what previous function on this backyard as blossomed into perhaps that will get me to finish the beds quicker!


P.S. I meant to have the floating shelves perform-by-play in the laundry space ready this week, but they wound up needing another coat ahead of I could be done&#8230 and I suck at Google Sketchup. So, up coming week it is.

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