Graduate demonstrates 2015: two Royal University of Artwork graduates have created a series of stools by working an electrical present by means of wires embedded in waste nylon powder from 3D printing .

Hot Wire Extensions by Studio Ilio

Seongil Choi and Fabio Hendry – collectively acknowledged as Studio Ilio – worked together on the Sizzling Wire Extensions task, which utilizes a straightforward procedure to create solid objects.

The approach starts by constructing a shape from thin wire created from nichrome – an alloy of nickel, chromium and other metals – that fits inside the dimensions of a cuboid container.

Hot Wire Extensions by Studio Ilio

The wire form is positioned within the box, which is then filled with a mixture of pure silica sand and leftover nylon powder collected as waste from selective laser sintering (SLS) – a type of 3D printing.

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“Every time you print an object [using SLS], half of the volume of the material turns into waste and there are not viable methods on the industry to recycle this material,” said Hendry.

Hot Wire Extensions by Studio Ilio

A battery connected to the ends of the wire sends an electrical recent of in between 10 and 120 volts by means of the resistant metal, heating it to temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius.

This heat leads to the powder mixture close to the wires to melt and fuse with each other into a solid material.

“You do a sketch with the wire and then transform it into a robust structure – growing the material close to the sketch,” mentioned Hendry. “[The last shape] depends on how shut the wires are collectively and on how you construct it.”

Hot Wire Extensions by Studio Ilio

To show the strategy, the designers produced 12 shapes that have been utilized to make a set of stools.

Woven lattices, strong sections and thin legs were all produced with various arrangements of wires.

Hot Wire Extensions by Studio Ilio

Other samples they formed throughout experiments with the procedure include a cylinder that could be utilized as a vase and containers for storing small objects.

The longer the battery is left connected, the wider the girth of fused materials all around the wire gets.

Hot Wire Extensions by Studio Ilio

Most of the duo’s samples had been produced in twenty to 30 minute stints, while diameters of up to ten centimetres were achieved by leaving the electricity operating by means of for an hour.

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The designers are proposing the technique as a way to reuse the nylon powder, which is often left more than in vast quantities right after SLS printing.

Hot Wire Extensions by Studio Ilio

“For the undertaking we got in excess of a tonne of waste supplies just for free and there is tons far more accessible,” mentioned Hendry. “It is really exciting to present the possibilities of how to use this waste.”

Choi and Hendry studied on the RCA’s Layout Goods program and are presenting the Hot Wire Extensions venture at the institution’s Display RCA 2015 graduate exhibition, which runs until five July.

Hot Wire Extensions by Studio Ilio

Other types on display at the present include a spiral staircase that straps around any tree trunk and a “energy glove” that can be used to sculpt challenging materials like stone and wood by hand.



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