A week off is so quite nice, it tends to make me feel typical yet again to not spend my hrs sitting behind a personal computer all day and alternatively soaking up the sunshine. I enjoyed a really soothing spring break, thanks for indulging me in that time off, but that explained it is very good to be back!

This week I’m so really excited to be sharing my newest material patterns with you! Whenever I pull with each other a new assortment it’s constantly a labor of enjoy from the commence of the digital layout approach to the finished outcome which consists of the styling and photography. Material design and style is the most exciting issue ever for me simply because I get to conceptualize the print, layout it, colorize it, then perform with it!

I’ll be revealing the new prints during the week with DIY tasks to go along with a number of of the patterns and I’ll share the complete Lookbook with all 10 patterns on Thursday. The Spring Assortment was inspired by painterly patterns and brushstrokes, you’ll see a whole lot of these elements in the newest designs.

I’m kicking off the reveal of the Spring Assortment with a classic splatter pattern which I enjoy so a lot due to the fact it is random in its painterly repeat but also reminds me a bit of dalmatian spots from afar and you know I enjoy me some spots! The pattern can make the ideal backdrop for bookcases and the most entertaining accent pillows also.

splatter bookcases kate riley designs


I lined the over Billy bookcases with two ½ rolls of two tone indigo splatter wrapping paper to attain that statement backdrop. My Splatter Print is accessible as fabric, wallpaper, and present wrap in 4 colors: ebony, sunshine, aqua, and indigo.

splatter pattern fabric kate riley


I really like that you can order only a excess fat quarter instead of a total yard, I used one fat quarter of the ebony edition in the linen/cotton canvas mix to sew this zippered padded iPad cover, adhere to the stage by phase below!

sew ipad cover splatter pattern


Supplies you will want: 1 unwanted fat quarter of fabric (this splatter pattern is available in the linen/cotton blend in the 27 x 18” size), cotton quilt batting, excess fat quarter of plain white fabric for within liner, 1 18” zipper, scissors, thread, and sewing machine.


supplies needed


Start by cutting your unwanted fat quarter in half and trimming it to match the tablet, allow for 1½” further fabric about the edges. Layer the cotton batting in between the white liner fabric and the patterned material. Roll the patterned fabric around and pin fabric on all sides to hold it in place.

wrap liner batting fabric


At this point you’re essentially making two padded “placemats” with the pattern on a single side wrapping about the edge of the other side exactly where the white liner is &#8211 this is so you’ll have completed and not raw edges inside the padded cover when it is sewn with each other. Sew the 3 layered pieces of fabric collectively with a standard machine foot on all sides. Following, pin the 18” zipper to the best of the printed side, zipper head down as proven.&#160

pin with zipper head down


Switch your machine to a zipper foot and attach the zipper by sewing on the proper side of zipper that is facing down, attaching it to the front of the patterned fabric side about ½” from the edge.&#160

zipper head down sew to first side


Soon after sewing the initial side of zipper, pin the other patterned side with the finished fabric sides facing each and every other, the pin aids maintain the zipper aligned.

pin together then sew


Following sew side two of the zipper, notice placement of foot, it stays to the proper of the zipper’s teeth.

sew side two of zipper


Flip it right side out and you will discover the front of the zipper peeking out on the suitable side.

exposed zipper


Carry on to attach the zipper as you presently did, wrapping it close to the corners. I locate it is easier to maintain it zipped up when sewing it right up until you get to the head, then open it up to attach those final ends to the fabric.

turn corner


Once the zipper is attached sew the remaining padded sides with each other with the patterned sides facing every single other (the cover is inside out at this point). I did not switch above to a normal foot, and wished I’d sewn on top of the patterned edge not to the left of it but note that if you recreate this.

sew all around


Flip it right side out and there you have it, a padded cover to shield your iPad ! You can use these exact same measures for sewing a cover for a Macbook, laptop, tablet, or Kindle. Hey get inventive and add a strap if you like!

splatter ipad case


zippered ipad cover


Initially I had five colours in the assortment, the fifth was a coral model but when printed it looked as well shut to blood ha! So it ended up on the cutting area floor (pun!) The pattern tends to make the truly exciting decorative pillows and I can also see it as curtains, a tablecloth, or slipcovers.&#160&#160

splatter pillows kate riley designs


Locate these four colors in my Spoonflower shop.

splatter fabrics


I’ll be featuring yet another pattern tomorrow, it is a painterly floral with DIY venture to go along with it, come back tomorrow to see it !

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