While I was sitting on my sofa, and thinking about how to make my boyfriend happy, suddenly a great idea appeared on my mind. Nowadays if your special days are getting closer and if you would like to make your loved ones happy and if you search for a surprise which can not be paid or can not be bought with money I suggest to have a look.

To prepare this surprise which gives them a really big smile you will need:

  • A creative idea
  • A colorful notebook (This is totally your choice. I chose GIPTA Dark Block Notebook)
  • Glue (Something like Pritt)
  • Pen
  • All the photos that you have from the beginning of your relationship
  • Find a lot of good qoutes about love
  • Scissors
  • Print out machine
  • But to make a good think firstly please try to understand your loved ones very well.


How to make a big smile:

First of all, you should print out all the photos that  you want to use for your book. You should align them according to the date. And after that by the help of scissors you should cut them and with glue you should gluey them on the book. There are no rules for the sahape of the photos. So that it is a handmade book you may choose any shape.

And also I need to tell that you should use a bigger note book so that you may have enough place to write your quotes.

After glueying take your pen and write whatever you want under the photos. This is what makes your book special cause it will be hand written.

The book will be so perfect so don’t use a gift box to put your gift inside. But you can make the book a gift box.

The thing that you make can not be paid by money because it includes your personal effort, your love quotes and your sincere feelings. This is truly a special gift for them.

But for my loved one the biggest surprise is that I am sharing it on his website.

Today  1 year with my sweet heart has just finished and I tried to make something special for him. I hope he likes it. By the way this is the gift that I gonna give him tonight in the dinner.

Thank you my boy for being in my life for staying at the center of my life.

love 1Thank you for this amazing 1 year, I hope we have many 1 years. Please go on staying in my life forever.




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