South Korean designer Seung Jin Yang has coated brightly coloured balloons in resin to produce seats that seem as if they have been inflated.

'Blowing' balloon furniture by Seung jin Yang

The collection of chairs functions backrests, legs and arms designed using sausage-shaped inflated modelling balloons. Stools have seats produced from a single balloon coiled all around itself, and rest on gently curving legs.

'Blowing' balloon furniture by Seung jin Yang

“I attempted to turn a straightforward producing approach based mostly on my personalized childhood recollections into an industrial fabrication furniture-creating approach,” Yang informed Dezeen.

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Although the furniture seems fragile, Yang employed eight layers of epoxy resin to generate a rigid outer surface.

'Blowing' balloon furniture by Seung jin Yang

Every single piece requirements around half a day to be coated in a single resin layer, with successive layers progressively extra on top of it. As the resin sets it generates a glossy and solid surface, which is capable to support fat. The procedure requires a week to full a single stool.

'Blowing' balloon furniture by Seung jin Yang

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders previously coated inflated balloons in strips of lightweight carbon fibre and epoxy resin, to produce a chair.

'Blowing' balloon furniture by Seung jin Yang

“I was fascinated by a kind that is altered into a transparent and clear surface like glass when I set epoxy resin on balloons,” explained Yang.

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“Right after a time balloons’ surfaces drop gloss and become deflated,” he additional. “Even so, when I repeatedly coat epoxy resin thickly, I can make a solid form. It turns into desirable furniture, like glass.”

'Blowing' balloon furniture by Seung jin Yang

Yang had first attempted to use balloons to make lighting, but following experimenting for a couple of months made the decision to pursue furnishings alternatively.

'Blowing' balloon furniture by Seung jin Yang

“Comfort is not my prior intention when I generate functions,” he mentioned. “They are not soft or comfy, but they have stability when men and women sit on them. It feels like plastic stools.”

'Blowing' balloon furniture by Seung jin Yang

The shapes of celebration balloons influenced Dutch designer Marten Baas’s assortment of hand-blown glass pendant lamps, even though Swedish designer Jomi Evers Solheim borrowed the varieties of water-filled balloons to design and style a selection of ceramics.

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