Canadian studio Scott &amp Scott has “brightened up” the interior of a mid-century residence north of Vancouver, incorporating simple wooden surfaces, white-washed walls and a marble sink (+ slideshow).

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

Scott &amp Scott hoped to develop a connection between the home and its setting – an location of forest at the base of Grouse Mountain – so chose to update the interiors making use of wood that will visibly alter with put on.

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

“The layout was an edit of the house with a respect for the unique information and its connection to the mature forested yard,” architect David Scott told Dezeen.

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

“The materials utilised have been selected for their contrasting strengths, and minimally finished using standard approaches that are maintainable and acquire visible indications of use in excess of time,” he continued.

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The walls of the living spaces have been stripped and repaired, just before currently being coated in a natural lime-based mostly white wash. The pale Douglas fir beams were finished in white lye, even though the wooden flooring and soffit were coated in a cloth-utilized pigment oil.

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

In the principal residing area, the original enclosed stair was replaced with an open staircase made from black steel and fir.

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

Even though there was tiny adjust manufactured to the property’s current floor prepare, plywood cabinet blocks were utilised to separate the residing, kitchen and reception regions, although also providing concealed storage.

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

In the kitchen, solid ash was employed to develop open-front storage to display the owners’ assortment of studio pottery.

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

An 800-kilogram bespoke marble counter spans the length of the wall, and offers a sink and worktop space.

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

“The marble counter monolith was milled from a block that we picked from the Hisnet Inlet quarry on Vancouver Island near our personal alpine cabin,” explained Scott.

North Vancouver House by Scott &amp Scott

Scott and Scott was founded at the commence of 2013 by husband and wife David and Susan Scott. Given that then, the duo have also created the interior of a pan-Asian restaurant in Vancouver and a currywurst restaurant featuring peg holes on the walls.

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