A fast thank-you to people of you who commented (or just sent great vibes) on final week&#8217s post: thank you from the bottom of my heart. I didn&#8217t get a chance to seem at them right up until this morning, so reading through them all on a day where I had much more peace of mind was certainly wonderful to see. These days&#8217s sponsored art project seems appropriately properly-timed in context, so let&#8217s get on with it!

I&#8217m thrilled to share some cheerful, decidedly flawed art with you nowadays:


Has any person ever handed you something and asked you to make anything from it? I don’t forget it happening a great deal a lot more as a child, specially in artwork class or when hanging out with my grandfather, but not so considerably as an grownup. It was a single of my preferred things to do—just to see what you can generate out of a spontaneous material and nothing at all but your creativity.

I suppose that&#8217s why, when Brother asked me to produce art for my office making use of their P-Touch PT-D200 Label Maker for April&#8217s tiny month-to-month DIY venture, I was the two a small perplexed (from not getting done this variety of workout typically sufficient) and enthusiastic for the challenge. Soon after all, I could consider of plenty of ways to label issues with a label maker, but art? How fancy can that perhaps get?

Turns out, Brother manufactured a gold foil label maker tape. Which is right up my alley, taking into consideration that I&#8217ve attempted gilding just about every thing else in my workplace (like the painted gold light fixture on my DIY desk or my gold leaf map art). But what to generate?


As you know from final month&#8217s attempt at generating a watercolor border for a quote, I have been struggling to uncover words to pair with these watercolor backgrounds. What I didn&#8217t tell you however was that my dilemma was actually that I had the right quote, but the watercolor border I&#8217d created just didn&#8217t come to feel right once I started printing out the phrases on my P-Touch. I still had the rather watercolor border produced, and didn&#8217t want to toss it, so I place it aside till the phrases came to me (which still haven&#8217t quite occurred nevertheless, but I think this weekend opened up my search a bit).

DIY watercolor border

Anyway &#8211 I developed numerous possible watercolor backgrounds to use, and a pink and orange one particular appeared just appropriate for this tutorial. Phase 1 is type of apparent:

1. Generate the background

For these of you that missed last month&#8217s rapid DIY tutorial (if you can truly call it that), the essential to receiving light colours all mottled with each other like this is to wet the paper down adequate to allow the watercolor paint to just kind of take on a lifestyle of its very own and swirl about as you move the brush. I randomly dabbed into pink, orange, purple, and even red (similar to last month&#8217s watercolor border DIY, but much less saturated) to get the color variation I was going for.

watercolor border

two. Decide on Your Quote + Load the Label Maker

I started experimenting with fonts for the quote while I allow the paper dry. The P-Touch label maker has a number of to choose from, which are then given additional possibilities from there (daring, italics, outline, sizes, combinations of these, symbols, and so on). Brother also sent me several colour possibilities to decide on from (green, pink, gold and silver foil are amongst the snazziest), but eventually, I made a decision on gold. Possessing in no way employed a label maker ahead of, I located the entire cartridge loading point to be really straightforward—just pop in the batteries, pop in the cartridge color of your deciding on, and go.


3. Print

As each selection printed (attempting to conserve tape, I printed just one particular line of the quote at a time), I compared the results and produced my last variety ahead of printing out the rest of the quote. As you can see in the pic below, I tried out a handful of combinations, which includes the watercolor background I didn&#8217t wind up in the long run selecting for this venture.


three. Apply Labels to the Background

The beauty in this piece is that the quote is exclusively about flaws (Augusten Burroughs, the author of this quote, is a fantastic author, FYI), so I didn&#8217t want the lines of each and every part of the quote to be ideal. In truth, because the labels come with a backing on them, it was straightforward to lay out every single line and tszuj them into location to see specifically how they ought to all go down. I also debated regardless of whether to clip the added ends off of either side of the quote (you can see two variations at the bottom), but in the end wanted the further gold on the ends.

Augusten Burroughs flaws quote

&#8220I myself am manufactured completely of flaws, stitched with each other with good intentions.&#8221

four. Frame &amp Show

Completed! I uncover that including some greenery following to artwork keeps items fascinating (and for people asking yourself, I bought these plants at Walmart on a whim for \$two, and they&#8217re still going strong).


five. Photograph the Artwork in Your Workplace

Just kidding. I needed to, but you don&#8217t. This artwork is only 4 steps lengthy, which implies you can easily crate it in an afternoon. (And FYI: it looks shinier in man or woman, but gold tape is relatively challenging to photograph although producing positive the phrases are still legible, but it looks less brown and has more of a gold sheen in individual).


All in all, I truly loved making this piece. It&#8217s very straightforward (like most of the artwork I like), but the stage of these little DIY tasks each month has been to just preserve the imaginative juices flowing, and I think they&#8217ve accomplished that (you can see January&#8217s right here and March&#8217s here&#8230 February was a short month and acquired lost in the shuffle, but I did have a undertaking for that month too I just require to frame it!).  I located that as soon as I started out striving to consider of one thing, I created another venture. And then one more. And I stored going until finally I had a slew of new items created from my label maker (#craftnado). Brother has also asked numerous other bloggers to make a number of imaginative projects, so we&#8217ve all been posting the items we generate on Pinterest. You can see the ones I thought have been pin-worthy (and you prolonged-term readers will spy a very required label in the bunch!) by checking out my Trends: Label It board right here:

Brother and uglyducklingDIY Label It pin board

And now, of course, a giveaway! If you&#8217ve been right here before, you know the drill:

The Unsightly Duckling House


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